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Studies structure in Lithuania


There are two types of higher education institutions in Lithuania: universities and colleges. Higher education institutions can be of two types: state and non-state. Higher education qualifications can only be acquired at higher education institutions. Non-university-level studies are organized in one-cycle undergraduate studies. University-level studies are organized in three cycles:

  • first cycle (undergraduate)
  • second cycle (graduate)
  • and third cycle (post-graduate)


Integrated studies lead directly to a Master's Degree and professional qualification, by combining the first and second cycles of university-level studies. Professional specialization studies are organized at the second cycle after university-level studies to acquire a professional qualification in a certain field The third cycle trains researchers; art teachers, artists and medical practitioners. Studies follow the programmes registered by the Ministry of Education and Science. The national credit system is based on an average of 1600 working hours per academic year, one credit corresponding to 40 hours or one week of work. There are three modes of study: daytime, evening and extra-mural.


University level first stage: University undergraduate (first cycle) studies-last from 4 to 5.5 years (140 to 180 national credits). To be admitted, students should hold a Maturity Certificate or a comparable qualification. They establish all the general requirements of a programme including the basic qualification requirements for the academic and professional Staff. The first cycle leads to the Bachelor degree and/or a professional qualification. The qualification obtained gives the right to enter the university second cycle.


University level second stage: University graduate (second cycle) studies-Master's Degrees last for one-and-a-half to two years (60-80 national credits). To be admitted, students should hold a qualification obtained after completion of a university first cycle study programme or a comparable qualification. A Master study programme prepares for independent research or artistic activities or activities for which deeper scientific knowledge and stronger abilities are required. Master studies are carried out at universities where research corresponding to a subject area is conducted. The general requirements for Master programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Studies lead to a Master degree or a professional qualification. After completion of studies a Master's degree or a Higher Education Diploma is awarded. The Higher Education Diploma is awarded when studies lead to a professional qualification. These qualification generally gives the right to enter university third cycle studies.


University level third stage: University postgraduate (third cycle) studies- Residency studies last from 2 to 6 years (80 to 240 national credits). They are designed exclusively for the training of specialists in the fields of Medicine, Odontology and Veterinary Medicine. To be admitted, students should hold an integrated study qualification, namely: Doctor, Medical Doctor, Doctor Odontologist, Veterinary Surgeon, or a comparable qualification. On completion of studies, a Residency certificate, in a special field is awarded. To be admitted, students should hold a Master's degree or a comparable qualification. After the defence of the doctoral thesis, the degree of Doctor is awarded.


Foreign students admission: A foreign student is a person who is not a permanent resident in Lithuania and is enrolled at a Lithuanian institution of higher education. As a general rule, students must hold the Maturity Certificate or an equivalent qualification and pass an entrance examination (if such is set). A study visa or residence permit, depending on the length of studies, except for some countries, and financial guarantees are required.Students must have a good knowledge of Lithuanian, except for those entering programmes offered in English, German or Russian or individual studies.


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