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Kashubian and Pomeranian College in Wejherowo

Country: Poland

City: Wejherowo


Type of school: Private Universities


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Kashubian and Pomeranian College in Wejherowo is non public vocational school, established based on the Ministry of National Education and Sport decision in 2003.


It is registered under nr 280 and works based on the resolution from 27th of July, 2005 about the higher education (Dz.U. z 2005 r. nr 164 position 1365 with later changes) as well as the Kashubian and Pomeranian College status. It is located in country town called Wejherowo, located out of Tricity - it gives regional character. 3 years vocational studies are conducted in stationary and non stationary system.


Our education offer also consists of nursing studies and wide range of postgraduate studies. Graduation from vocational studies allows to continue studies at master degree (2 year studies) or at postgraduate studies at any University.


Our indubitable advantage is the academic and didactic staff as well as rich scholarships system.


It's also worth to mention that Kashubian and Pomeranian College had taken part in ranking of "Rzeczypospolita” newspaper for the first time and got 18th position among the best private bachelor colleges.


Moreover, we also received the certificate of „ Reliable school” subsequently – it confirms that our school has got strong education background and proper academic staff, provides with decent studying conditions and creates great career perspectives for our students.


It's been 5 years since we opened the library – it is specialistic science library, collecting books from the studies courses field, adjusted to the science and didactic needs of our college.


Collection of manuscripts consists of around 4,000 pieces and it's still increasing. Literature recommended by the teachers is the priority for us to get for our students. There are also our graduates thesis available (only for insight).


Currently, we've got around 1,000 students at both 1st and Postgraduate studies. Many of our graduates decided to continue studying and chose 2nd degree studies in Tricity.

  • Sociology
  • Environment protection
  • Economy
  • Pedagogy
  • Internal safety
  • Nursing
  • Postgraduate studies:
    • Mediation and Negotiation
    • Property agency management
    • BHP and Environment protection Specialist
    • Domestic Violence perperator therapy
    • Property management
    • Consulting
    • Nature sciences

Wejherowo (Kashubian: Wejrowò, German: Neustadt in Westpreußen) is a town in Gdańsk Pomerania, northern Poland.


It has been the capital of Wejherowo County in Pomeranian Voivodeship since 1999; previously, it was a town in Gdańsk Voivodeship (1975–1998).


Wejherowo was founded in 1643 as Wola Wejherowska, by the voivode of the Malbork Voivodeship, Jakub Wejher, with the consent of King Władysław IV Vasa of Poland.

Everyone who has got the baccalaureate certificate, can become a student of KPSW.


Submitting documents till the deadline is the only condition plus the first come first serve basis.


More information can be found on: RECRUITMENT

Contact details

Address: Dworcowa St. 7

84-200 Wejherowo






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