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College of Art and Design

Country: Poland

City: Lodz


Type of school: Private Universities


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There is school where...


Despite of the mass education and the fear about Demographic transition, our small but elite school has been functioning normally for over 18 years.


College of Art and Design refused to teach in a traditional way, creating an alternative of combining experiences from varioud fields and creativeness disciplines.


Architecture, Design and Film, TV, Photography, Internet is the didactic field where experiences gained are the fundament of social, modern behaviours.


Oversteping current traditional forms of education, College of Art and Design became the one school where the creativeness disciplines represent antropocentric approach as well as the first private one which established studies at specialization of: Internal Design, Design and Film and Photography.


College of Art and Design is also one of 3 schools in Poland which conduct autonomical Design Faculty with variety of specializations as well as the one which nconducts studies of Film Picture implementation and Faculty of Radio and TV of Silesian University (Film Picture implementation and Photography). For all specializations, our school received official acceptation from the Ministry of National Higher Education and positive opinion from Acreditation Commission.


Moreover, we also gained the permission from the Ministry for conducting Vocational School – Design and Advert School in Łódź. The school residence in in Łódź – in historical Scheibler palace, its own property, surrounded by other historical building called „Ksiaże Młyna”, right nex to the Film School, Cinematography Museum, department of Art Musem, creating specific and original culture centre.


Education in our school as well as in Vocational School is conducted in stationary and non – stationary system. We offer Bachelor studies, Master studies and Postgraduate studies. We provide lecture halls, well equipped work rooms, library, Academic Gallery and construction and it technologies, film montage and photograpghy centres with academic cinema.


College of Art and Design along with Vocational School, has been creating the didactic program from the basis, without coping it from traditional education programmes.


We built our image from flexibility, ability to adapt and be innovative as well as by the value of students and graduates who already work in Poland and abroad.


Many awards gained, scholarships for achievements is just the prove that we are right.


Highly qualified academic staff as well as ambitious professionals refused to teach in traditional way, where the teacher experience and preferences are copied by students impressionably.


We established the rule that the team of tutors and students build valuable ideas and the future together. 18 years of its existence is not yet tradition but what we can say is that we are building the history step by step in order to develop and grow so we can offer more and more to our students.

  • Internal Design

3-years 1 st degree studies and 2 years 2nd degree studies – stationary and non – stationary

    • Internal Design Architecture
    • Enhibition and Trade Design
    • Furniture Design
    • Scenography Design
  • Film and Photography

    5- years master studies and 2nd degree 2 years studies stationary and non – stationary.


    • Art of operating
    • Directing
    • Animation
    • TV and Film Montage
    • Media Art


    • Advertisement
    • Creativeness
    • Documentary and Reports
  • Design

    5 - tear 1st degree studies and 1,5 year Master studies – both stationary and non - stationary

    • utility Graphics (publishing, Press, Advertisement)
    • Multimedia Graphics Design (Internet websites and interactive advert design)
    • Computer Graphics
    • Visual communication (Graphic Identification Design)
    • Art Book and Ilustration
    • Industrial forms design (product, jewelry, shoes, design furniture)
    • Fabric Design and Unique trim
    • Scenic and movie costumes Design

Łódź is a voivodship capital in central Poland, at Łódzkie Hills, at the I-range watershed of Vistula and Odra rivers. In 1945 it used to be a temporary seat of national authorities. Seat of the Łódźkie voivodship authorities. In the years 1940-1945 the name of the city used to be called Litzmannsstadt.


An important academic (6 public universities, 19 private ones) and cultural centre. International Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport is located within the distance of 6 kilometres from the city centre.


According to the last annual statistics of GUS, Łódź is the third city in the country as far as the number of inhabitants is concerned (753 192 people) and fourth as far as the area is concerned (293.25 square kilometres).


The Seat of the City Council is the former Juliusz Heinzel palace, built in 1882 according to the project by Hilary Majewski. In 1952 the building at ul. Piotrkowska 104 was expropriated by the communist authorities and disposing of the building was awarded to the Treasury, which returned the palace to the Łódź commune in 1990.


Łódź is also a cultural centre, where numerous musical, theatrical, literary, artistic and film events takes place. Each year a few dozens of festivals and reviews are held there (i.e. Explorers Festival or Science, Technology and Art Festival) There are 20 museums in the city, including the unique in Europe Central Textile Museum and Arts Museum, which owns the most extensive collection of modern art in Poland. There are also many theatres in the city (i.e. Teatr Wielki, Musical Theatre, drama theatres, theatres for children), Philharmonic Orchestra (in the newly restructured futurist building, alluding by its fronton to the previous facade of the concert hall), cinemas and galleries.

Recruitment principles:

  • Stationary and non – stationary
  • 1st degree studies- Bachelor
  • 2nd degree studies- Master
  • Postgraduate studies

At Specializations:

  • Internal Design
  • Design
  • Film and TV Images Implementation and Photography

For those courses, mentioned above, there is requirement of the Candidate’s kit with his/her job, dedicated to art field: drawings, paints, space understanding (sculpture, compositon) and the colors, shape, forms and changes perception.

This kit should include, depending on the specialization:

  1. Internal design, Visula communciation, Graphics:

    15-20 drawings in A3 format, free topic, showing sensitivity and ability to perceive space, including 5-10 projects in electronical version

  2. Industrial Forms, Costumes design, Scenic and Movies, jewelry, shoes costumes design

    15-20 drawings in A3 format, free topic and technique, showing sensitivity and ability to perceive space, including 5-10 projects in electronical version, single-handedly works are welcomed.

  3. Photography:

    15 - 20 photos in 18x24 format, any topic, taken by any technique, black and white photos are welcomed.

  4. Film and TV Images Implementation

    Presentation of the project, exercise in electronical version in dvd files or 15-20 photos in 18 x 24 format, any techniques will be accepted. Also photo cycles, reports, documentaries or art style is appreciated (minimum 10 photos in 1 cycle, .jpg format)


ul. Targowa 65

90-324 Łódź

Phone:+48426782589, +48426780550, +48426782671

Fax:+48426782589, +48426780550, +48426782671

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