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Upper Silesian College of Trade

Country: Poland

City: Katowice


Type of school: Private Universities


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Upper Silesian College of Trade was established in 1991. Wide range of studies, academic school status and international activities provide high position among Polish higher education schools.


For 19 years, our school has been the leader in many rankings of private Colleges. Magazines such as: „Polityka”, „Wprost”, „Perspektywy”, „Rzeczpospolita” and „Home & Market” graded it as one of the best ones.


We offer 12 courses and 49 specializations. Apart form Katowice, we offer studies in non – local centres: Cieszyn, Jaworzno, Nysa, Radzionkow and Żory as well as in Zywiec from september 2010.


GWSH is the 4th School which conducts studies abroad.


Vienna Offer is dedicated mainly to Poles who live there as well as to Polish people who are there just for particular period of time. Other for we offer are postgraduate studiesn and PhD ones. After graduation from Bachelor or Master studies, students can carry on with their education in frame of education programmes we provide. Phd studies are dedicated both to young academic staff as well as for people out of school, who would like to learn and develop their skills, as well as study. This offer is being updated very often. In fact, our school tries to adapt in current market needs. As the only one in Silesia we offer training how to enter the job market- specialists in looking for a jobs are the teachers, also the staff of Students Carrier Office. We want to influence the way how young people think about the future carrier and encourage them to gain experience and proper qualifications, necessary to find a decent job.


GWSH owns 2 academic campuses, 3 faculties, didactic infrastructure, recreation and sport facilities, lecture halls, well equipped multimedia rooms, laboratories and modern library. We are proud of hiring qualified didactic employees- around 700 teahcers, while many of them are distinguished specialists of Polish science.


GWSH is first and foremost the quality, confirmed by state and international accreditations and certificates. We cooperate with many academic institutes, organizes courses abroad and student trips.

Faculty of Management GWSH

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • International Relations
  • Pedagogy
  • Management
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Finance and Banking
  • Spatial Economy

Faculty of Tourism and Health Promotion GWSH

  • Tourism and recreation
  • Physiohterapy
  • Cosmetology

Katowice – the heart of 2,1 milions of aglomeration in Silesia region, has been perceived as a industrial city. Currently, it is real European City where modernity is connected to tradition.


City is located on the Silesia upland, in the south part of Poland, as a crossroad of European communciation routes.


There is highway A4 close to Ka towice as well as A1 which is in process of building. City is connected to international airport „Katowice-Pyrzowice”, which has been developed very decently - around 1,5 milions of people use it thanks to the dozens of the connections to the biggests European cities. Furthermore, Katowice also offers the smaller airport, close to the centrum, adjusted for serving business flights.


Katowice offer students a lot. Special pubs, caffees, cinemas, theatres with interesting programme as well as Spodek wityh such an events as: „Rawa Blues”, „Metalmania”, „Mayday” and world Basketball League or „Free Style Motocross”.


Since last year, also Mariacka street became the cultural palce because of plenty concerts which are organized there.


It's pretty easy to find places for a walk, chilling when lectures are too boring. Places like: Dolina Trzech Stawów (3 ponds valley), Park Kościuszki (Kosciuszka's square) or Las Murckowski (the wood), invite you to relax.


It is worth to mention that more than half part of the city is covered by green. There is also maginicient park and zoo garden in Chorzow.

Details available on our Website:

Contact details

Address:Harcerzy Września 3

40-659 Katowice





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