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Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin - UMCS

Country: Poland

City: Lublin


Type of school: Public Universities


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It is worth to study at UMCS!


Maria Skłodowska-Curie University is the biggest public school on the right side of Vistula river.


We educate around 25,000 students at over 50 courses and over 200 specializations, conducted at 11 Departments.


Professional staff and modern didactic, sport, cultural and social facilities are at student's disposal. Our current flagships and future ones are: Programming and Analytical Center for advanced technologies, implemented within the project Ecotech-Complex - Human, Environment, Production, impressive didactic objects at Faculty of Earth Science and Spatial Infrastructure, implemented within the Eastern Poland Development program as well as Media and Art Incubator.


Modern University can't function without its active students. They realize their passions and hobbies thanks to the Students Government activities as well as over 150 students associations, music bands, dancing groups, sport teams. Due to this, our university is on very high level on sport and cultural map in lubuskie district as well as in while Poland.


Our activity is based on students campus, Academic Culture Centre „Chatka Żaka” and Physical Culture Centre.


Our assets:

  • The biggest University in Eastern Poland
  • Students campus located in the centre of Lublin
  • 11 Departments Over 50 courses and over 200 specializations
  • Over 150 Student associations and student organizations
  • Rich postgraduate studies offer
  • Unique specializations in Poland
  • Over 25,000 students
  • Over 200,000 graduates
  • The power of tradition
  • Modern didactic facilities, laboratories and work places
  • Social packages for students 9 dormitories
  • International and Regional exchange programs
  • Sport and Culture Center
  • Employers friendly University
  • Students friendly University
  • Leaders University
  • Talents discovery
  •     Artistic education within Visual arts
  •     Artistic education within music
  •     Graphics
  •     Jazz and stage music
  •     Painting
  •     Journalism and Social Communication
  •     Culture Animation
  •     Pedagogy
  •     Special Education
  •     Political Science
  •     International Relations
  •     Eastern Europe Studies
  •     Administration
  •     Internal Safety
  •     Law
  •     Biology
  •     Biotechnology
  •     Geograohy
  •     Spatial Infrastructure
  •     Environment Protection
  •     Social Work
  •     Psychology
  •     Sociology
  •     Environment Protection
  •     Chemistry
  •     Physics
  •     Technical physics
  •     Mathematics
  •     Management
  •     Economy
  •     English Language Studies
  •     German Language Studies
  •     Spanish Language Studies
  •     Polish Language Studies
  •     Roman Language Studies
  •     Russian Language Studies
  •     Ukrainian Language Studies
  •     Applied linguistics
  •     Logopedy with audio phonology
  •     Russian Culture and language studies
  •     Slavic Language Studies
  •     Finance and Accounting
  •     Mathematics and finances
  •     Tourism and Leisure
  •     Archeology
  •     Archives and moderns information management
  •     Ethnology
  •     European Studies
  •     Philosophy
  •     History and Philosophy
  •     History
  •     Information and librarianship
  •     Information in e-society
  •     Interdisciplinary religion science studies
  •     Cognitive studies
  •     Culture studies
  •     Logopedy with audiology
  •     Historical Tourism
  •     IT studies


Lublin is the biggest city situated East of the Vistula river. It has about 400 thousand citizens. It has been developing and becoming more and more beautiful over the years. The city is famous for its historic buildings and tourist attractions. The Old Town is one of the most interesting old town complexes in Poland. It is surrounded with fortifications with two gates, which survived to our time: Grodzka and Krakowska with nearby semicircular corner tower. Within the Old Town there are valuable church monuments: Jesuit college with original polychrome from the middle of the 18th century or the basilica of the Dominicans, surrounded by 11 chapels. Outside the Old Town, on the Castle Hill, there is a Lubelski Castle, built during the reign of Casimir the Great, with the surviving Chapel of the Holy Trinity and a corner tower. Interesting collections are presented in the regional museums: Museum of the Lublin region (at the Castle), Museum of the History of the City of Lublin, Lublin Village Museum.


There are numerous cultural centres and units in Lublin. Juliusz Ostrewa Drama Theatre, Musical Theatre, Lubelska Philharmonic Orchestra, National Puppet and Actor Theatre, Artistic Stage of KUL, Theatre Practice Centre “Gardzienice” and many, many others.


The neighbourhood of Lublin is attractive to tourists: among tourist attractions the palace-park complex in Kozłówka, Kazimierz Dolny with castle ruins in Janowiec and spa town Nałęczów can be listed.


Lublin is an important academic centre. In the higher schools situated within the city there are about 70 thousand students from all over the country.



Step I

Check UMCS didactic offer: - bookmarks: Recruitment or Education Offer


Step II

Internet Candidates registration:

  • Establishing personal account in IRK system, adding personal and education data
  • Choosing the course (or specialization)/ registration at chosen course


Step III

Recruitment fees

IRK system generates individual account for every candidate, which allows to transfer recruitment fees by filling in special form till the deadlines, described in special recruitment process agenda.


Step IV

Results announcement

Recruitment commission announces the list of candidates who were qualified and accepted for studies.


Step V

After being accepted for studies:

    • application form print version,
    • ordering student ID and index in IRK system plus payment,
    • adding a photo in .jpg extension to IRK system,
    • submitting documents package on time and in proper department, depending on the specialization,
    • not submitting documents package till deadline indicates candidate's resignation.



  1. Filled and signed application form, printed from IRK system.
  2. General Certificate of Education (including annex in case candidate entered the exam for the 2nd time) and Higher Education Diploma (regarding candidates who applied for 2nd degree studies).
  3. Photo in electronic form and 2 photos in paper form (as for ID – left ear uncovered, 35X45 mm).
  4. ID photocopy
  5. Index photocopy – regarding candidates for 2nd level studies, when recruitment process is based on grades average (students from other universities than UMCS).
  6. Certificate from the doctor – for those who applied for studies which might be dangerous for health, such as: chemistry, environment protection, biology.



New High School graduation Exam results in percentage:

  • Elementary level – 1% = 1 point.
  • Extended level – 1% = 2 point.

Billingual level (foreign language exam only, if being second teaching language in bilingual classes) is converted into the same result as in extended level:

  • 1%B = 4/3%E(extended)

(the result is coved to full units and can't be higher than 100%)

The Higher School Exam result accepted in the recruitment process can't be lower that 30%.

ATTENTION: while setting the final results, the value of each subject will be considered.

Contact details

Address: Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5

20-031 Lublin


Phone+48815375107, +485375109

Fax: +48815338867



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