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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

Country: Cyprus

City: Nicosia


Type of school: Public Universities


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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) was established in Nicosia in 1978 and has been operating in Limassol as well since 1984. The Institute, which is the first Business School on the island, was set up in order to promote the science of marketing in Cyprus and abroad. In the past 32 years it has evolved into a major centre for the development of marketing science in Europe and the rest of the world, providing the opportunity to more than 5,000 students to acquire qualifications with a specifically marketing orientation.


Ever since its establishment, CIM has been a pioneer in learning for adults and in-career people. Offering exclusively evening classes for in-career individuals who did not have the chance to study abroad, but have always had the will to learn and further their careers, the CIM is rightly characterised as a ‘Second-Chance Institution’ ; at CIM, ‘Learning Never Ends.’


CIM is unique in that it combines theory and practice, giving its students the best prospects for employment and promotion. The programs are designed to fit with today’s many demanding parameters: high-quality education and expertise training according to your individual needs, be it your personal career, family or physical needs. Our distinguished lecturers and tutors begin with an initial evaluation and then structure a learning program around your specific strengths and weaknesses, guiding you towards your pre-set goals.


In an increasingly competitive market and in a society that places more and more emphasis on high-standard academic qualifications, the CIM can provide you with all the necessary tools to acquire excellent education in a conscientious and well-planned program that works to meet your individual demands and of society at large.


Institute Charter

The purpose, mission and objectives of the Institute shall be to advance learning and knowledge by teaching and research, to enable students from all over the world irrespective of religious, racial or ethnic origin to obtain the advantages of first class Higher education, and to provide relevant service to the Business Community.

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Nicosia ((Λευκωσία) in Greek, Lefkoşa in Turkish) lies roughly at the center of the Cyprus island, with a rich history that can be traced back to the Bronze Age. It only became Capital of the island in the 11th century AD. The Lousignians turned it into a magnificent city with a Royal Palace and over fifty churches.


Today it blends its historic past brilliantly with the bustle of a modern city. The heart of the city, enclosed by 16th century Venetian walls, is dotted with museums, ancient churches and medieval buildings preserving the nostalgic atmosphere of years past. Yet this old heart is split in two, leaving Nicosia the only capital city in the world to remain divided by force. The new Nicosia developed outside the walls became a contemporary, business and cultural center. Now it’s the largest city and the world’s last divided capital. Its population hovers around 250,000 (a third of the total population of Cyprus) but the city has a feel of one much larger.


While the primary language of the country is Greek, English is widely spoken or understood among youth and most major colleges are taught in English. Nicosia is the center of college life in Cyprus, with over 10,000 students, primarily Cypriot and European, studying there at any point in time. It’s also home for several Universities and other educational establishments. Students are drawn to the Nicosia for its international character, fascinating history, and temperate weather. The areas in which students take courses run the gamut from business to international relations to philosophy to the sciences. Along with its international students and foreign workers it has developed a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Entrance Requirements

  1. BACHELOR DEGREES, DMM (Diploma in Marketing Management), BED (Business English Diploma, DSM (Diploma in Sales Management)
  2. Secondary School Leaving certificate with an average of 14/20 in his/her English subject
  3. 5 O’ Levels and 2 A’ Levels or (equivalent) passes including one in English language with minimum grade C.

As a guide to students from Overseas the following examinations are among those recognised:

East Africa, Hong Kong, West Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia Higher School Certificates with grade 6.

Successful completion of the First Year of our Bachelor Degree programs entitles the student to the award of the DMM (Diploma on Marketing Management).

Successful completion of the Second Year of our Bachelor Degree programs entitles the student to the award of an interim Advanced Diploma in their respective fields.

However, students can be exempted from the first year of our Bachelors Degree and enter directly into the Advanced Diploma PROVIDED they have one of the following qualifications:

  • DMM
  • Holders of OND/BTEC
  • The Certificate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Marketing
  • 40 transfer credits from an accredited U.S. University in relevant fields
  • Equivalent Qualifications in the respective fields of the study programs

Upon successful completion of Year III the student will be awarded the BACHELORS DEGREE.

However, a student can be admitted into the FINAL YEAR (3rd year of a Bachelors Degree PROVIDED he/she possesses:

  • An Advanced Diploma from this Institute
  • HND BTEC from a relative discipline
  • 90 transfer credits from an accredited U.S. University
  • Professional qualifications such as the Advanced Certificate in Marketing of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), American Institute of Bankers, Chartered Institute of Bankers
  • Membership of the UK Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Bankers, The Chartered Insurance Institute and any other Award from relevant Professional Bodies in the disciplines the student wishes to study
  • Degree with a bias in the discipline the student wishes to study

Contact details

Address:P.O.BOX. 25288

1308 Nicosia


Phone:+357 22 77 84 75

Fax:+357 22 77 93 31

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