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New Bulgarian University

Country: Bulgaria

City: Sofia


Type of school: Public Universities


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NBU has a status of an accredited higher education institution given by the Bulgarian Parliament (September 18, 1991) and the National Agency for Accreditation. It offers programs leading to Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees. NBU is a liberal academic institution, based on the relation between education, research, and entrepreneurship and provides general interdisciplinary and narrowly specialized education, based on research work and related to the practice. The NBU mission is to be a student-oriented, autonomous institution for cultivating socially concerned individuals, with entrepreneurial spirit, responsible for their own development and prepared to life under the conditions of democracy, civil society, market relations, European and world integration. Since its founding, NBU has been actively working to establish its position in the international academic community. NBU actively participates in EU educational and research programs. In the framework of projects under Socrates, Tempus, PHARE etc. contacts with over 90 European Universities have been established. NBU is a member of a number of international organizations as EUA, AUF, EAIE, IIE, etc.

Udergraduate Programs

  • Acting
  • Administration and Management
  • Advertisement
  • Animation Cinema
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Biology
  • Applied Physics
  • Archaeology
  • Art Theory and Art Management
  • Artes Liberales
  • Bulgarian Language and Literature
  • Business Administration
  • Ceramics and Glass
  • Cinema and Television: Staging; Cameranmanship; Montage
  • Civil and Corporate Security
  • Classic Music
  • Classic Studies
  • Computer Media Technologies
  • Computer Technologies in Music and Sound Recording
  • Cultural Studies and Management (Thracian Researches)
  • Dance Theatre
  • Ecology and Environment Management
  • Economics (DL)
  • Egyptology
  • English Studies
  • Earth Sciences (DL)
  • Earth Sciences and Alternative Energies
  • Fashion
  • Finances
  • Folk Music and Choreography
  • German Studies
  • Graphic and Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • History
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management (+in French)
  • Informatics
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing
  • Mass Communications
  • Neo-Hellenic Studies
  • Networking Technologies (taught in English)
  • Oriental Studies
  • Painting and Wall-painting
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Political Sciences (+ in French; + in English)
  • Pop/Jazz Music
  • Poster and Advertising Graphic
  • Psychology
  • Roman Studies (French/Italian Language)
  • Russian Studies
  • Sociology
  • Spanish Studies
  • Stage Design (in Fine Arts)
  • Stage Design (in Theatre)
  • Telecommunications: Telecommunication Technologies and Services; Management in Electronic Messages; Postal and Courier Technologies and Services
  • Tourism


Graduate Programs


Master Programs

  • Accountancy and Audit
  • Acting and Stage Production in the Modern Theatre
  • Advertising and Lifestyles
  • American and British Studies. Comparative Approaches (+in English)
  • Ancient Egypt in the Classical Age
  • Animation Stage Production
  • Antiterrorist Activity Organisation in Public and Private Sector
  • Applied Statistics
  • Archaeological Research
  • Architecture
  • Artistic Psycho-social Practices
  • Balkan Archaeology (in English)
  • Bank Management (+DL)
  • Book Management and Textual Practices
  • Business Administration
  • Cinema Dramaturgy
  • Clinical Psychology – Psychoanalytical Perspective
  • Clinical Social Work
  • Clothes Construction and Modelling
  • Cognitive Science (in English)
  • Comparative Science of Art
  • Computer Technologies in Security and Defense
  • Cultural and Social Anthropology
  • Development Psychology
  • Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Diplomacy in Security and Defense
  • Ecological Management
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Economic Policy and Analysis
  • European Governance (+in English)
  • European Social Politics and Social Work
  • Fashion Design
  • Family Consulting
  • Film and Television Art
  • Finances
  • Graphic and Spatial Design
  • Health Care Management
  • HR Management and Development (+in English) – the program in English is accredited by the Open University, UK
  • History of Social Changes
  • Illustration and Graphic Technologies
  • International Alternative Tourism (+DL)
  • International Business
  • International Relations and Comparative Politics (in French)
  • Internet Software Technologies
  • Law
  • Linguistics and Didactics
  • Logopaedy (+in English)
  • Management and Organization Perfection (+in English)
  • Management of Cultural Institutions (Art Management)
  • Management of Tourism
  • Mass Communications Management and PR
  • Master in International Communication (in English)
  • Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Musical Mastery
  • National and International Security
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Political Management and Public Politics
  • Public Administration
  • Regulations and Standards in Medicine
  • Safety and Residual Resource of the Engineer Machinery
  • Semiotics – Theory and Practice
  • Spatial Design
  • Special Pedagogics: Incorporated Education (+ in English)
  • Telecommunications (Electronic Communications)
  • Textile Design in Interior
  • Thrace and the Culture of Ancient World
  • Translation and Interpretation


Doctoral Programs

  • American Studies
  • Archaeological Analysis and Archaeometry
  • Art Theory and Visual Studies
  • Cognitive Science
  • Diversity Management and Governance
  • Egyptology
  • Mass Communications
  • Music
  • Philology (Foreign Languages)
  • Political Sciences
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy
  • Semiotics
  • Strategies and Security Policies
  • Theoretical Informatics


Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and the heart of the country as well. The city is a cultural, administrative and industrial centre and its motto definitely deserves to be “It grows, but does not age”. Sofia is the biggest city in Bulgaria. It is surrounded by the Balkan Mountains Range to the north, the Lozen Mountain to the south-east, the Mountain Vitosha to the south and the Lyulin Mountain to the southwest.


It is at 550 meters above sea level. Pancherevo Lake and Iskar Dam are situated in close proximity to the capital city. Sofia is linked by international routes with the capitals of Europe, and through Istanbul and Ankara, with the Middle East.


Today Sofia is a modern European capital city with many business and trade centres, dynamic night life and cultural sightseeing attractions.


Sofia is a city with a 7000-year history, which makes it a unique phenomenon, dating back to most distant antiquity of Europe.During the 8th century before the new era an ancient Thracian settlement, called Serdica was established. The first name of Sofia actually comes from it. It was given to the city by the Thracian tribe- Serdi. The reason why this land became a settlement is the presence of warm mineral waters, running through Sofia Plain at that time. Even nowadays healing water is running down from drinking fountains in the centre of the capital city. At the time of the Roman Empire, the city of Sofia was the centre of the Roman Quarter, called Lower Dacia. Ancient towers, fortress walls, administrative and religious buildings were built then. After the liberation of Bulgaria from Byzantine rule the capital city name was Sophia.


Nowadays Sofia is a very placid place to live in. It is now going through major changes with its huge construction of modern buildings. A brand new underground connects the city centre with the outskirts. There are plenty of luxurious hotels, traditional, native restaurants, shopping malls and many places for entertainment. A variety of modern business centres and shopping malls are being built along the big boulevards, like Tsarigradsko Shousse and Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd. The region of Todor Aleksandrov Blvd., where the geographic centre of Sofia is, comes up as an administrative complex and business park of the city.




Interesting Places

  • The Central Hali - A shopping place with interesting architecture where you can buy presents, Bulgarian food or just drink a coffee or eat ice cream.
  • Popa (the Priest)- The small monument of Patriarh Evtimii (aka Popa) is a favorite place where young people like to meet before going to have fun.
  • NDK – National Palace of Culture- The St. Sophia Church, has a unique architecture design. It features 16 big halls, the largest one having 5000 seating capacity. A lot of fairs, presentations, concerts and public events are held there. During summer the fountains in front of the palace dance and create a lively joyful atmosphere. The place in front is also a favourite place of skaters, boarders and bikers, because of the many low stairs around the fountains.
  • Sofia University - Read about the history of the construction work, see the picture of the building and feel the spirit of Alma mater.
  • Saint Petka Church. This area actually represents the cross point of the historical and the cultural appearance of the city, the business and the art face of the big and modern capital.
  • Luvov Most (the Lions' Bridge) over the Vladaiska River lies north of the city centre in the direc¬tion of the Central Railway Station. It has four lions statues placed on high pedestals.
  • Roman red brick rotunda, now being called St. George Church. It is situated in the inner yard of the Presidency, amid the remains of the ancient town of Serdica and that is why it is considered to be the oldest building in Sofia.
  • Vitosha Natural Park is a preferred place for tourism and relaxation, because its close proximity to the capital. There are ten peaks, which are over 2000 metres high. The highest one is Cherni Vruh (the Black Peak), which is at 2290 metres above sea level. In Vitosha Nature Park there are beautiful relicts of paraglacial forms, such as stone rivers, stone seas and talus and old snow peaks niches.

Admission Procedure


Application Package

International students submit the following application package:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A copy of his/her official diploma, including the Academic transcript (Secondary education diploma – for undergraduate students, Bachelor diploma – for graduate students, Bachelor or Master diploma – for Ph.D. students). The copy must be officially legalized in the country where the diploma has been obtained, then translated into Bulgarian (English) and legalized by the Bulgarian Embassy in the country
  3. Certificate from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, confirming the equivalence of his/her Master diploma to the Master degree in Bulgaria (for Ph.D. students only)
  4. Medical certificate, issued not earlier than 1 month prior to application, legalized by the authorities in the country, translated into Bulgarian (English) and legalized by the Bulgarian Embassy
  5. A legal document, confirming the right of the candidate to continue his/her education in the HE Schools of the country where the Secondary education has been obtained (for undergraduate students only)
  6. Two letters of recommendation (for graduate students only)
  7. Two recent passport-size photos
  8. A copy of the first page of the candidate passport or other identification documents with his/her names in Latin letters, date and place of birth
  9. Academic transcript of the courses already passed - legalized by the authorities, translated into Bulgarian and legalized by the Bulgarian Embassy in the country (for transfer students only)
  10. Research proposal (for PhD students only)
  11. Full resume, including a list of publications, if any (for PhD students only)


All documents must be sent to the following address:

New Bulgarian University

International Relations Office

21 Montevideo street 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

Visiting students have to present an Academic Transcript from their home university.

The ERASMUS students apply according to the Bilateral Agreements.



for citizens from non EU member countries

  • 31 July – for Full time undergraduate students, Full time graduate students, PhD students, Transfer students
  • 20 December – for Full time graduate students who speak fluent Bulgarian, PhD students

for citizens from EU member countries

  • 31 August – for Full time undergraduate students, Full time graduate students, PhD students, Transfer students
  • 31 January – for Full time graduate students who speak fluent Bulgarian, PhD students
  • 31 August or 31 January – for Visiting students and Erasmus students


Application Procedure

  • essay and special exams


Admission for citizens from non EU member countries:

  • NBU takes the decision for admission two weeks after receiving the application package
  • NBU sends the documents to the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) for legalization and visa
  • Documents have to be approved by MES. MES sends a Letter of Confirmation with the name of the admitted student to NBU
  • NBU sends an Admission Letter to the student and to the Embassy for issuing a visa

Admission for citizens from EU member countries:

  • NBU takes the decision for admission up to two weeks after receiving the application package
  • NBU sends an Admission Letter to the student



  • The students have to register till 28.09 (at least till 29.10), paying the fee
  • The admitted students for the Spring semester have to register till 18.02 paying the fee
  • The academic year starts on 01.10

Contact details

Address:21 Montevideo St

1618 Sofia




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