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Paris Sorbonne University

Country: France

City: Paris


Type of school: Public Universities


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 Paris Sorbonne University is the main inheritor of the old Sorbonne, which dates back to the 13th century. It was one of the first universities in the world.

The biggest complex in France, dedicated to Literature, Languages, Civilizations, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, is located on the original medieval foundations, and now extends to the Latin Quarter and to other areas in Paris.


The University has two characteristics : rich culture and tradition, with top-quality researchers, and therefore an excellent scientific reputation shown through publications and international exchanges; its concern to constantly adapt to present day social and technological changes and to encourage as many students as possible to study at Paris-Sorbonne while preparing for their future careers. The Sorbonne incites its students to think freely, to construct their own judgment, so that they can become responsible and inventive citizens who can promote dignity and peace culture.

Our subjects



  • Art and Archaeology
  • Music and Musicology



  • English studies
  • Arabic and Hebrew studies
  • German and Nordic studies
  • Iberian and Latin American Studies
  • Slavonic studies
  • Italian studies
  • Applied Foreign Language (LEA)


French and classics

  • Greek
  • French language
  • Latin
  • French and Comparative literature


Human Sciences

  • Geography
  • History
  • The Institute for Research on Modern Western Civilization (IRCOM)
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology and Applied human sciences



  • Information and communication (CELSA)



  • ESPE



More about courses check here


The University has opened an Office of Student Services, with the strategic purpose of encouraging students to play a major role in academic democracy. This is meant to give them a strong sense of belonging and to improve the quality of their lives.


Students are fully involved in decision-making


While student unions and societies are provided with facilities ensuring their independence (premises, reprography charters), students are also proactive players in university life. Elected student members serve on the University’s councils and make the most of their representative functions; their active contribution to our governance justifies the technical training offered by the University to enable them to discharge their duties.


Promoting the emergence of a closely-knit student community


The University lists the improvement of student premises and commons rooms as one of its top priorities; it actively promotes the current building development of a Student Centre in the Latin Quarter, and it works to make it a success. A student party, at the beginning of each year, encourages the development of a Paris-Sorbonne community feeling. The ‘Old Member (Alumni) Society’ has a similar goal.


Improving the student experience and helping students to integrate


Enrolment procedures have been simplified and a handicap charter has been implemented.


Our Office encourages free expression through media such as messaging services, the student portal, newsletters, forums.


The Careers Centre organises skills development workshops to help students find employment; these sessions have a social purpose, they encourage team work, and they help the university to identify students having problems so as to direct them to the appropriate services.


The University promotes health education (prevention, recovery and health awareness) in cooperation with the preventive medical services, the tutors, the social workers and the University’s Department for Sports (“le Service universitaire des activités physiques et sportives”, “SUAPS”).


IT Services


Resources for all


The University IT Service has the responsibility of ensuring the maintenance of the infrastructure in all buildings. It offers e-resources and management tools to the students. Both staff and students have the option to attend IT courses.


A user-friendly IT system


Though its Virtual Learning Environment (evolved in cooperation with the Coordinated Office of Parisian Universities for IT), its wireless network operating wherever possible, its Service Desk including a laptop lending service, Paris-Sorbonne works for a user-friendly system for staff and students. Among our priorities for the future are: promoting access to information, developing information tools for the decision-making process of the policy-making committee of the University, enhancing teaching through our Moodle learning management system. The integration of our information systems is a means towards such a goal.

More about admisions and enrolment chcek here

Contact details

Address: 1 rue Victor Cousin

75005 Paryż

Country: Francja

Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 46 22 11



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