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Climatology - study in English - University of Lodz

Country: Poland

City: Lodz


Type of school: Public Universities


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Information from the university

2016-05-24 | Study Climatology at University of Lodz

The admission for degree studies: 5th May to 15th July 2016   Admission platform for non-EU candidates: Admission platform for European Union citizens: If you have any questions that are not explained on the ISO and admission websites, please contact our officers at:

1. Brief description

The field of study Climatology is offered at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Lodz. This degree course is intended for all students interested in contemporary problems of climate change and its impact on the environment and the economy, in how the global climate system works, in the research methods of modern climatology, the directions of its development and the practical application of knowledge about the atmosphere. The idea of studying Climatology in English is to provide students with the knowledge of the basic branches of modern climatology as well as with the skills to use the acquired knowledge in solving environmental and socio-economic problems following from climatic factors. This degree programme provides a general academic level of education in the area of Earth sciences in the field of climatology, putting a strong emphasis on understanding the basic atmospheric processes at different scales of time and space. During the courses of the core module, students will acquire knowledge and skills constituting a basis allowing them to become acquainted with more complex problems of modern climatology. The programme modules devoted to the methods of data collection and analysis, as well as to climatological and numerical modelling of the atmosphere will provide students with research tools necessary in the work of a climatologist. By participating in the module activities dedicated to applications, students will become acquainted with the possibilities of practical use of their acquired knowledge in various fields of life and economy. Those interested in further development of their climatological expertise will be able to get to know the contemporary trends in climatology by participating in a module dedicated to such issues.

2. Level of qualification -€“ first cycle study (undergraduate)

3. Educational profile -€“ general academic

4. Mode of study - full-time

5. Educational objectives

The aim of first cycle education in the field of Climatology in English is to:

  • form professionals having thorough knowledge and skills in the field of climatology, understanding the effects of the climate system on a global and local scale, its relation to other environmental processes and the relations between man and climate;
  • provide students with the knowledge and skills allowing them to perform climatological analyzes on their own, to collect and make use of atmospheric data and to solve practical problems in the field of the science of the atmosphere;
  • educate the graduates in the skill of critical thinking allowing them to use a comprehensive approach towards environmental, economic and social problems conditioned by climate factors;.
  • prepare the graduates for developing their professional skills on their own and for undertaking second cycle study;
  • prepare the graduates for working in positions requiring an in-depth knowledge of the Earth's atmosphere and the skills of analyzing meteorological data.


6. Professional title - € Licencjat (Bachelor's) degree

7. Employment opportunities

Graduates will be prepared for work in units of government departments concerned with the collecting and analysing of atmospheric data, in state research institutes, in enterprises engaged in the use of natural energy sources (e.g. solar energy, wind energy), institutions engaged in environmental consulting in a broad sense, in the assessment impact of climate on a local and global scale, the methods of prevention and adaptation, as well as the potential consequences of climate change. A good language and substantive background will also enable them to undertake work with international institutions working for the natural environment, both in the countries of the European Union and worldwide (e.g. the World Meteorological Organization). Studies realize general academic instead of professional profile, therefore do not provide specific professional qualifications. According to the Polish standards Graduate will be essentially prepared to act mainly in the area of “Professional, scientific and technical activity”, in particular to:

  • activity connected with weather prediction
  • consulting on environmental safety
  • consulting on natural environment issue,


In the area of Public administration and national defense; compulsory social security” Graduate will be prepared for work including:

  • statistical services activity aimed at problems of climatological analysis in the various levels of public administration


Among the activities listed in the international ISCO-08 standards Graduate will be prepared to take up the activities mainly concerning:

  • professional in the field of earth sciences (211) with specialization in meteorology (2112).
  • professional in the field of life sciences (213) with specialization in environmental protection (2133) aimed at climate protection
  • professional in the field of databases (252) with a focus on climate databases


8. Entry requirements  -€“ matura (maturity certificate) (or its equivalent in the case of foreign students) and willingness to take up studying the field of Climatology in English. In addition, knowledge of English at level B2.

9. Areas and disciplines of science to which learning outcomes refer - the general area of Earth sciences, the discipline: geography

10. Assignment of degree programme to an area or areas of education -  the area of natural sciences




The Faculty of Geographical Sciences of University of Łódź offers an opportunity to study BSc in English.



  • issues of contemporary problems of climate
  • change and its impact on the environment and the economy?
  • mechanisms driving the global climate system?
  • methodologies of research used in modern climatology?
  • practical applications of knowledge about the atmosphere?






The programme offers 1548 teaching hours in English (780 lecture and 768 classes hours).

They are divided into modules. Here are some examples:

I. Core module:

Physical and Astronomical Basis of Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematical Methods in Climatology,
General Meteorology and Climatology, Fundamentals of Physical Geography for Climatologists , Hydrology and Oceanography


II. Methods of data collection and analysis:
Statistical Methods in Climatology, Climatological Databases, Fundamentals of GIS, Measuring Methods and Instruments


III. Modelling:

Methods of Numerical Modelling of the Atmosphere


IV. Applications :

Agricultural Meteorology, Biometeorology, GIS in climatology, Pollution in the Atmosphere, Synoptic Meteorology


V. Current Trends in Climatology:

Urban Climate, Historical Climatology, Contemporary Problems of Climate Change, Renewable Energy Sources


VI. Supplementary Courses:

Bachelor’s Seminar, Field work: Mountain Climate and Meteorological Protection of the Coast and Lake Districts



Graduates will be prepared for work in :

  • governmental agencies concerned with the collecting and analysing of atmosphericdata state research institutes)
  • enterprises engaged in the exploitation of natural energy sources (e.g. solar energy, wind energy))
  • institutions engaged in environmental consulting in a broad sense
  • assessment of impact on climate on a local and global scale, the methods of prevention and adaptation, as well as the potential consequences of climate change)
  • a good language and substantive background will also enable them to undertake work with international institutions working for the natural environment, both in the countries of the European Union and worldwide (e.g. the World Meteorological Organization))


Geography has been functioning at the University of Łodź as a distinct organizational unit and field of study since the establishment of this academic institution. The first Department of Geography was set up at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science in 1945. From 1951 it existed for half a century as part of the Faculty of Biology and earth Sciences, until the Faculty of Geographical Sciences was established in 2001 as an independent basic organizational unit, one of the 12 faculties comprising the university. Today the Faculty of Geographical Sciences of Lodz University is Poland’s leading center for geographicalresearch and education and is authorized to grant doctoral and post – doctoral (habilitation and professorial) degrees in geography. The Faculty employs 129 persons, of whom 103 are academic staff, including 39 full and associated professors. There are 12 departments in Faculty of Geographical Sciences.


The areas of research include both physical geography (climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, paleogeography, hydrology, water management and geology) and socio – economic geography (urban geography, economic geography, social geography, political geography, geography of tourism, regional geography, historical geography, spatial economy and development).


The Faculty of Geographical Sciences of Łodź University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level courses of study, both full – time and part – time ( bachelor’s degree courses in ‘geography’, ‘tourism and recreation’, ‘spatial economy and development’, ‘regional studies’, ‘geomonitoring’, ‘geoinformation’, ‘CLIMATOLOGY’ and master’s degree programs in ‘geography’, ‘tourism and recreation’ and ‘spatial economy and development’). The number of students is about 2.000.


The Faculty of Geographical Sciences occupies a block of buildings situated at 31 Kopcińskiego Street and 88 Narutowicza Street. The buildings, having a total floor area of 8.800 square meters, house 37 classrooms, study rooms and laboratories (computer labs, cartography, geology and soil labs, a physical-geographical laboratory), a library and a geological museum with 660 square meters of exhibition space.











The mission of Faculty of Geographical Science is to enable students to engage in deep studies of environmental science and TOURISTIC SPORT, ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES!!!


We organize unusual trips, we help you become WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPH, ART-GEO ARTIST - painter of nature J!
We offer you the chance  to meet INTERESTING PEOPLE, FRIENDSHIP, ADVENTURE!

Welcome to study in Lodz, in the heart of Poland!!!

  • city of Lodz
  • city of four cultures, festivals, clubbing center,

For more information about City of Lodz, please visit:



Photo: dr Mariusz Zieliński from Department of Meteorology and Climatology, Faculties of Geographical Science,


We are pleased to inform that admission deadline for the Climatology has been extended till 15 July 2016!!!

European Union standard of higher education for fees you can afford!

Bachelor’s diploma at one of the leading Polish Universities, at the heart of Poland, the member of the EU

Affordable fees: 2000 PLN/semester for Polish, the EU/EFTA and Ukrainian citizens and 2500 Euro/year for students from outside the EU/ EFTA, exclusive of an additional 200 EUR charge that covers registration fee (for students of Polish origin the tuition is reduced by 30%).

Small groups to guarantee individual approach to all students!

General inquiries:

General inquiries:

International Students Office University of Lodz
Address: ul. Matejki 21/23
90-237 Lodz, Poland
Phone: +48 42 635 42 37,
Fax: + 48 42 635 47 39

Detailed information:

University of Lodz
Faculty of Geographical Sciences
Department of Meteorology and Climatology
Adress: ul. Narutowicza 88
90-139 Lodz, Poland

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