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Cracow's Higher School of Health Promotion

Country: Poland

City: Cracow


Type of school: Private Universities


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Cracow's Higher School of Health Promotion focuses on the development associated with curricula adaptation to the changes occurring in the labor market by launching new courses of study and specializations simultaneously taking into account current trends in the European and world market. The advantage of the University is the concentration on the educational process in medical science related to health and human life and the promotion of rational behavior including principles of rational nutrition. Cracow School of Health Promotion was established as the first such University in south-eastern Poland.


  • the programs of scientific research and the content of study programs are constantly expanded and updated with particular emphasis on the adaptation to the needs of the labor market; interdisciplinary and professionalism,
  • provides excellent diploma, valued by future employers,
  • endeavors to the intellectual development of scientific, technical and administrative staff’s capital
  • builds a community of professionals and communities that mutually cooperate,
  • prepares to the work highly skilled, enterprising, full of initiatives graduates who could operate in a competitive global market.




"University of Leaders 2018" Certificate




"Reliable School 2018"




"Good College - Good Work 2018"



"The most innovative and creative university in Poland in creating career perspectives ".




First-cycle studies - undergraduate - full-time and part-time studies:


Second-cycle studies - Master's - full-time and part-time studies:


Uniform Master's Degree


15 years in Krakow

The Cracow's Higher School of Health Promotion offers medicine-related programs of studies. Established in 2002, was the first non-public school of higher vocational education in south-eastern Poland.

Our students take an active part both in the life of the University as well as a variety of special events, charity events, educational and company’s fairs and open days during which is excellent represented. Student Council which acts in the agreement of Student Councils of the Universities of Cracow plays a major role in the life of the University. The university engages in charity activities working for children, the elderly and the disabled people.

Recruitment is extended to October 26, 2018.

Documents can be submitted to the Dean KWSPZ - Kraków , al. A. Grottgera 1

You can study with us without any entrance exam!
Admission determines the order of submission of the required set of documents.
Number of addmisions is limited.

Contact details:

al. A Grottgera 1/5, 30-035 Kraków
Phonel: +48 12 423 38 40

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