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The Cracow's Higher School of Health Promotion

Country: Poland

City: Cracow


Type of school: Private Universities


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Cracow School of Health Promotion focuses on the development associated with curricula adaptation to the changes occurring in the labor market by launching new courses of study and specializations simultaneously taking into account current trends in the European and world market. The advantage of the University is the concentration on the educational process in medical science related to health and human life and the promotion of rational behavior including principles of rational nutrition. Cracow School of Health Promotion was established as the first such University in south-eastern Poland.


  • the programs of scientific research and the content of study programs are constantly expanded and updated with particular emphasis on the adaptation to the needs of the labor market; interdisciplinary and professionalism,
  • provides excellent diploma, valued by future employers,
  • endeavors to the intellectual development of scientific, technical and administrative staff’s capital
  • builds a community of professionals and communities that mutually cooperate,
  • prepares to the work highly skilled, enterprising, full of initiatives graduates who could operate in a competitive global market.



Dietetics education involves nutrition science including health promotion, healthy people nutrition and nutrition of people in various medical conditions. It concerns a broad spectrum of issues relating to basic research and medical science.


  • Be able to assess nutritional status, nutritional habits and to diagnose malnutrition,
  • be able to prevent nutrition-related diseases,
  • recognise the interaction of medications on nutrition and vice versa,
  • control food quality and the conditions of storage and to control the quality of dish production,
  • know the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system requirements,
  • be able to assess the influence of a disease on nutritional status, or the influence of nutrition on the outcome after treatment,
  • create a well-balanced diet for various groups of people,
  • teach nutrition education.


  • Paediatric nutrition
  • Human nutrition
  • Food quality analysis and assessment
  • Health and Disease Sociology
  • Food allergy and intolerance nutrition
  • Lifestyle disease prevention
  • Psychodietetics
  • Dietary and functional food


  • Public and non-public medical institutions,
  • food and catering establishments,
  • consumer organisations,
  • leisure centres,
  • private practice,
  • research institutes,
  • research and development centres.


Cosmetology as a science is an interdisciplinary field that combines knowledge in medical, basic and clinical sciences; paramedical, chemical and biological. During the course of study, the issues related to modern, advanced technology and treatment methods used in cosmetology are extensively discussed . Students have the opportunity to practice and improve their skills on high quality cosmetic products and devices. During the theoretical and practical classes, the emphasis is placed at students to select the ability of choosing the right treatment procedures and the so-called treatment programs.


  • To diagnose skin problems, plan and apply aesthetic beauty treatments, skin care beauty treatments and therapeutic beauty treatments taking into account the indications and contraindications for use,
  • manage team and control the techniques and cosmetics used in beauty salons or SPA and Wellness centres,
  • assess the cosmetics in terms of their physiochemical and utility characteristics,
  • to select an appropriate equipment and to use the physical factors in skin care and therapeutic beauty treatments,
  • to select appropriate treatments in biological regeneration treatments.


  • advanced beauty treatment techniques
  • biological regeneration
  • image consulting and styling
  • therapeutic beauty treatments


  • SPA and Wellness centres,
  • biological regeneration centres,
  • beauty salons,
  • cosmetics companies,
  • health promotions organisations.


Physiotherapy requires a broad knowledge and abilities. Therefore, the syllabus includes both theory and rehabilitation practise. There are a lot of sport classes in the programme of the study. The lessons are performed in the form of lectures and practical exercises. Students are required to do traineeships in health care centres, get credits in laboratories and in specialised workshops. Physiotherapy is for people with vocation.


  • Diagnose a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders with the use of specialised equipment,
  • operate the equipment used in physical therapy offices,
  • select and monitor functional testing,
  • plan and schedule physiotherapeutic treatments,
  • make treatments with the use of natural (physical) factors in injury prevention and to work in therapeutic teams.


  • psychology
  • palpation anatomy
  • biomechanics
  • manual therapy
  • kinesiotherapy
  • fitness
  • therapeutic swimming
  • medical massage


  • Health-care facilities,
  • health service institution,
  • rehabilitation centres,
  • sports centres,
  • leisure centres,
  • SPA and biological regeneration centres,
  • local government health care administration,
  • state administration,
  • non-governmental organisations that act for the benefit of the disabled,
  • the graduate students are also ready to run their own rehabilitation and physiotherapy, private practice.

Krakowska Wyższa Szkoła Promocji Zdrowia (The Cracow's Higher School of Health Promotion)
Knowledge abilities qualifications


Undergraduate studies

  • Dietetics
  • Cosmology
  • Physiotherapy

Graduate studies

  • Dietetics and ecological food
  • Cosmology
  • Physiotherapy

Postgraduate studies

  • Nutritional Diagnosis and Food Systems
  • Diagnosis and Manual Therapy
  • Dietetics
  • Dietetics in sports and recreation
  • Complementary methods in health promotion
  • Cosmology - Aesthetic medicine for doctors
  • Podology
  • Sports Rehabilitation

15 years in Krakow

The Cracow's Higher School of Health Promotion offers medicine-related programs of studies. Established in 2002, was the first non-public school of higher vocational education in south-eastern Poland.

Our students take an active part both in the life of the University as well as a variety of special events, charity events, educational and company’s fairs and open days during which is excellent represented. Student Council which acts in the agreement of Student Councils of the Universities of Cracow plays a major role in the life of the University. The university engages in charity activities working for children, the elderly and the disabled people.

Recruitment begins March 1 and lasts until 30 September.

Documents can be submitted to the Dean KWSPZ - Kraków , al. A. Grottgera 1

You can study with us without any entrance exam!
Admission determines the order of submission of the required set of documents.
Number of addmisions is limited.

Contact details:

al. A Grottgera 1/5, 30-035 Kraków
Phonel: +48 12 423 38 40

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