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Faculty of Information studies in Novo mesto - FIŠ

Country: Slovenia

City: Novo mesto


Type of school: Public Universities


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Why study at FIS?


Because we care about our students.

Personal approach towards students, tutoring, highly qualified lecturers, use of high tech and social networks, e-learning platform, adjustable timetable for employed students, extracurricular activities and much more. That’s FIS.

FIS is a public faculty

This means that the Republic of Slovenia is the founder who finances the implementation of the study. Therefore, the study is free of charge for full-time students from countries part of the European Union. As a full-time student you can apply for a professional, academic or MSc study programme Information science in the contemporary society. Other options are professional part-time study of Computer science and web technologies or PhD study programme Information society.

Original interdisciplinary study of information science in the modern society

The faculty is an answer to very clear demands for graduates who will have good knowledge of information science and communication technology as well as social and organisational frameworks, where this technology has to be incorporated. The graduates of the study programmes Information science in the modern society will connect departments of information services with other departments in an organisation so that the organisation will be able to reach its goals faster with a help of information technology.

The implementation of the study is adjusted to all the groups

Since among full-time students of all the three programmes many of them are employed, the timetable has been formed in a way that those employed students can attend most lectures and practice sessions. The study is supported by virtual online classrooms, therefore the students can attend the lectures and lessons from any location and take active part in discussions.

Orientation towards the quality

For the quality of every faculty it is of key importance that the lecturers are professors who are experts in a particular field, who are respectful to the students and at the same time ambitious. At the faculty we strive for excellent teaching staff that will provide the students with a lot of knowledge and at the same time demand a lot from them as well. Very important short-term goal of the faculty is to become the most organised and the most information-science supported faculty.

Connection with the international environment

The lecturers and assistants are connected with the international environment with their pedagogic and even more with the research work, which enables them to keep in touch with novelties that are often even formed by them.

We carry out 5 study programmes from the field of Computer Science and Informatics, all based on Bologna education system. The Informatics programmes enable students a full-time study, therefore they are free of charge (for EU citizens).


1st cycle study programmes


2nd cycle study programme


3rd cycle study programme


At FIS we greatly encourage all the activities that connect the faculty with the international environment.

The key carriers of this international dimension are professors, assistants and researchers who are very active in the international sphere. They are taking part in study processes at foreign universities and in projects with foreign partners as well as by participating in international academic meetings and by publishing in foreign publications. Most members of FIS academic teaching staff spent some of their postgraduate study period abroad; consequently they strengthen those primary connections with new topics.

At FIS we look forward to international success of our students and employees and help strengthening this international network with additional activities. In spring 2009 FIS received the Erasmus university certificate and since then we enable our students, professors and professional staff to apply and experience international exchange with many European faculties.  

Also in 2009 we organised the first international academic conference ITIS (International Conference on Information Technologies and Information Society), which enable FIS to gain a better international acknowledgement year after year. At FIS we are also very open to all the consortium initiatives in order to carry out international projects with an ambition to increase as fast as possible a share of initiatives where FIS will be the main holder.




Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for 2014-2020. With the support of the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus + Programme, the Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto has exchange agreements with several Universities throughout Europe. To find out if your University has an agreement with us, please consult your home Erasmus coordinator. Here are some basic information about our Erasmus Programme:

Here you can access the Erasmus+ FIŠ Welcome Guide and here is the list of courses we offer in English language. The course catalogue is available here.


Before coming to Slovenia

EU/EEA citizens can enter Slovenia with a valid ID card (or passport) and then need to register at the Administrative unit if staying for more than 3 months to regulate the residence permit. Citizens of other counties can enter Slovenia with a valid passport, but before coming to Slovenia, they have to get a residence permit for studying in their own country at Slovene or other authorised embassy.

All exchange students must have health insurance during their stay in Slovenia. We advise you to arrange your health insurance in your home country.


Living in Novo mesto

Novo mesto has two youth hostels: Youth Hostel Novo mesto (Šegova ulica 115, 8000 Novo mesto, 00 386 31 777 090, and Hostel Situla (Dilančeva ulica 1, 8000 Novo mesto, 00 386 7 394 20 00, ). If you prefer private accommodation and would like to live in a rented flat look for private rental accommodation. You can always check the possibilities on this web site:

Novo mesto public transport consists of 5 bus lines that operate from Monday till Saturday form 5am till 8pm. Monthly ticket costs only 9 €. Novo mesto is also connected with other cities in Slovenia with bus and train lines.

All students are eligible for student’s food coupons. There are several restaurants that offer students meal. You can find the list of the restaurants here.

In Novo mesto there are several options for free time activities. There are sports centres Marof, Leon Štukelj, Portovald and Loka, culture centre Janez Trdina and Anton Podbevšek theatre, museums, movie centre Cineplexx, youth centre and pub LokalPatriot and other bars. There are also some festivals like Fotopub (events and workshop of photography) and Jazzinty (festival of jazz music).



Faculty of information studies is a part of Eduroam (education roaming). Eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop.

For more info about Eduroam see:

To form your own Eduroam access or for further information, please contact .

Faculty’s student’s office is available for all your questions about how to apply or about the study process.

Applicants from EU countries can apply here during three application periods:

  • 5th February - 4th March 2016
  • 22nd - 29th August 2016
  • 1st - 3rd October 2016

Applicants from countries, that are not in EU, can apply here during two application periods:

  • 5th February - 1st June 2016
  • 1st - 5th October 2016

Each student receives a password for Web office for students, which enables a student:

  • an insight into an e-index,
  • entering an exam/withdrawing from an exam,
  • an insight into the timetable,
  • reading notices on the notice board,
  • submitting applications for acknowledging exams,
  • submitting applications to be moved forward to the next school year despite not fulfilling all the conditions,
  • submitting applications for taking exams before the defined date,
  • submitting complaints for applications,
  • an insight into answers to applications,
  • ordering certificates of matriculation, passed exams.


Also e-classrooms Moodle (an open-coded tool) are used for the study, which complements the Web office for students of FIS with additional possibilities for a publication of the materials and a communication between professors and students.

The timetable is available here. The timetable of full-time and part-time study is adjusted in a way that also employed students can be present at most lectures and practice. Therefore lectures and practice are carried out in the afternoon during working days and on Saturday mornings.

Ljubljanska cesta 31A,
p.p. 603
8000 Novo mesto
T: 07 3737 884
F: 059 08 79 03

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