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Radboud University

Country: The Netherlands

City: Nijmegen


Type of school: Public Universities


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As far back as 1656 Nijmegen boasted a university that offered lectures in law, theology, philosophy, medicine and other subjects. Unfortunately, it was forced to close its doors in 1679 due to lack of funds.

Radboud University Nijmegen was established on 17 October 1923 under the name Catholic University Nijmegen. With their own university, Dutch Catholics sought to promote the emancipation of Roman Catholics in the Netherlands, who at that time were strongly underrepresented in public administration, the legal profession, medicine and other sectors. The Radboud Foundation was the body behind this initiative.

Today, Radboud University continues its commitment to the emancipation of certain groups. For example, the University has an above average percentage of female professors, compared to other Dutch universities.

Radboud University is a broad, international oriented university that aspires to be one of the best in Europe. Together with Radboudumc, we have created an intellectual environment that inspires and challenges our students and staff so that  they can extend the scope of academic disciplines and benefit society.

Radboud University challenges its students to actively participate in the academic community and trains them to be critical and committed academics, with their own views regarding scholarship and society, who will take up responsible positions in a society which is becoming increasingly internationalised.

The university’s academic staff come from all over the world, and a large proportion of our student population has spent at least some months studying at a university abroad.


Radboud University aspires to quality. Internationalisation plays a major role in the quality of our teaching, research and service provision. These are the three pillars on which we are building towards a leading position in the international academia.

Our research will only excel if we operate in international partnerships. Our teaching thrives on international exchanges of students and staff. The services we provide are designed to make our international staff and students feel welcome and at home in our academic community. Our international campus reinforces the community spirit and provides facilities for students and top researchers from all over the world.
International network

For the last 90 years, the university has been building up contacts with partner institutions. Our network now comprises hundreds of universities from every corner of the globe.


International Office

The International Office is responsible for coordinating all initiatives relating to international cooperation and exchange. Whether you are a student, researcher, visiting professor, member of staff or guest: our staff are here to provide help and support with all your questions relating to internationalisation at Radboud University.

Overview Bachelor's programmes

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Arts and Culture Studies
  • Chemistry
  • International Business Administration
  • International Business Communication
  • International Economics and Business
  • Molecular Life Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Overview Dutch-taught Bachelor's programmes

Overview Master's programmes and specialisations

  • Overview Master's programmes and specialisations
  • Search results:  213
  • Angst- en stemmingsstoornissen (Pedagogische wetenschappen)
  • Accounting and Control (Economics)
  • Actuele geschiedenis (Geschiedenis)
  • Adaptive Organisms (Biology)
  • Algebra and Topology (Mathematics)
  • Analytische filosofie (Filosofie)
  • Anthropology and Development Studies
  • Applied Stochastics (Mathematics)
  • Arbeid, organisatie en gezondheid (Psychologie)
  • Art and Visual Culture - Research (Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Arts and Culture
  • Behavioural Science - Research
  • Beleid en advies (Bestuurskunde)
  • Beperkingen en handicaps (Pedagogische wetenschappen)
  • Besturen van veiligheid (Bestuurskunde)
  • Bestuurskunde
  • Biblical Exegesis (Theology)
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Burgerlijk recht (Nederlands recht)
  • Business Administration
  • Business Analysis and Modelling (Business Administration)
  • Business Law (European Law)
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry for Life (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Cities, Water and Climate Change (Spatial Planning)
  • Clinical Biology (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Clinical Human Movement Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience - Research
  • Communicatie en beïnvloeding (Communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen)
  • Communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen
  • Communicatiewetenschap
  • Communication and Information Studies
  • Communities and Ecosystems (Biology)
  • Comparative Politics (Political Science)
  • Comparative Politics, Administration and Society (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Computation in Neural and Artificial Systems (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Computing Science
  • Conflict, Power and Politics (Political Science)
  • Conflicts, Territories and Identities (Human Geography)
  • Continentale filosofie (Filosofie)
  • Corporate Finance and Control (Economics)
  • Corporate Sustainability (Environment and Society Studies)
  • Creative Industries (Arts and Culture)
  • Cultural Geography and Tourism (Human Geography)
  • Cyber Security (Computing Science)
  • Data Science (Computing Science)
  • Diversities in Youth Care (Pedagogical Sciences)
  • Double degree programme in Transnational Ecosystem-based Water Management (Biology)
  • Duitstalige letterkunde (Letterkunde)
  • Dutch Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • Economic Geography (Human Geography)
  • Economics
  • Economics and Policy (Economics)
  • Eerstegraads lerarenopleiding
  • Engelstalige letterkunde (Letterkunde)
  • English Language and Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • Environment and Society Studies
  • Epidemiology (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Erasmus Mundus: PLANET Europe
  • Eternal Rome (History)
  • Europe: Borders, Identity and Governance (Human Geography)
  • European Law
  • European Master in System Dynamics
  • European Spatial and Environmental Planning (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Europese letterkunde (Letterkunde)
  • Europese studies
  • Filosofie
  • Filosofie van de bedrijfswetenschappen (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de cultuurwetenschappen (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de gedragswetenschappen (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de geschiedenis (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de godsdienstwetenschappen (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de natuur- en levenswetenschappen (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de politicologie (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van de rechtswetenschap (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
  • Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied
  • Financial Economics (Economics)
  • Financieel recht (Nederlands recht)
  • Fiscaal recht
  • Forensische pedagogiek (Pedagogische wetenschappen)
  • Franstalige letterkunde (Letterkunde)
  • French Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • Gedragsverandering (Psychologie)
  • Geestelijke verzorging (Religiewetenschappen)
  • Geneeskunde
  • General Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • German Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • Geschiedenis
  • Gezondheidszorgpsychologie (Psychologie)
  • Gifted Education (Pedagogical Sciences)
  • Global Environment and Sustainability (Environment and Society Studies)
  • Globalisation, Migration and Development (Human Geography)
  • Griekse en Latijnse taal- en letterkunde (Oudheidstudies)
  • Health Technology Assessment (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Historical Studies - Research (Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies)
  • Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies - Research
  • History
  • History of Church and Theology (Theology)
  • History of Philosophy - Research (Philosophy)
  • Human Geography
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Human Pathobiology (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Human Rights and Migration (European Law)
  • Human Toxicology (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Information Sciences
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Business Administration)
  • Insolvency Law (European Law)
  • Insolventierecht (Nederlands recht)
  • International & European law
  • International and European Law Advanced (European Law)
  • International Business Communication (Communication and Information Studies)
  • International Economics & Business (Economics)
  • International Economics & Development (Economics)
  • International Management (Business Administration)
  • International Political Economy (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • International Relations (Political Science)
  • Islamstudies (Religiewetenschappen)
  • Klassieke cultuur (Oudheidstudies)
  • Kunst- en cultuurwetenschappen
  • Kunstbeleid en mecenaat (Kunst- en cultuurwetenschappen)
  • Kunstgeschiedenis (Kunst- en cultuurwetenschappen)
  • Language and Communication - Research
  • Language and Communication Coaching (Linguistics)
  • Letterkunde
  • Linguistics
  • Literair bedrijf (Letterkunde)
  • Literary Studies - Research (Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies)
  • Literatures and Cultures of North America in an International Perspective (North American Studies)
  • Local Environmental Change and Sustainable Cities (Environment and Society Studies)
  • Marketing (Business Administration)
  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Mathematical Physics (Mathematics)
  • Mathematics
  • Media en beïnvloeding (Communicatiewetenschap)
  • Media, journalistiek en nieuwsgebruik (Communicatiewetenschap)
  • Medical Biology
  • Medical Epigenomics (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Metaphysics and Epistemology - Research (Philosophy)
  • Microbiology (Biology)
  • Molecular Chemistry (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Molecular Life Sciences
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease - Research
  • Nederland-Duitsland-Studies (Europese Studies)
  • Nederlands recht
  • Nederlandstalige letterkunde (Letterkunde)
  • Neuroscience (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • North American Studies
  • Notarieel recht
  • Onderneming & Recht - Duale master
  • Onderneming & Recht - Onderzoeksmaster
  • Ondernemingsrecht (Nederlands recht)
  • Onderwijskunde
  • Organisatie en management (Bestuurskunde)
  • Organisational Design and Development (Business Administration)
  • Oudheidstudies
  • Particle and Astrophysics (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Pedagogical Sciences
  • Pedagogische ethiek (Pedagogische wetenschappen)
  • Pedagogische wetenschappen
  • Philosophical Anthropology - Research (Philosophy)
  • Philosophical Ethics - Research (Philosophy)
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy - Research
  • Philosophy and Science (Philosophy)
  • Philosophy of Language and Logic - Research (Philosophy)
  • Philosophy of Mind - Research (Philosophy)
  • Physical Chemistry (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Physics of Molecules and Materials (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Planning, Land and Real Estate Development (Spatial Planning)
  • Political Science
  • Political Theory (Political Science)
  • Politiek en parlement (Geschiedenis)
  • Practical Theology (Theology)
  • Praktische filosofie (Filosofie)
  • Psychologie
  • Public Administration
  • Public Administration and Organisational Science - Research
  • Publiekrecht - Onderzoeksmaster
  • Religie en beleid (Religiewetenschappen)
  • Religiestudies (Religiewetenschappen)
  • Religiewetenschappen
  • Risicogedrag (Pedagogische wetenschappen)
  • Robot Cognition (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Science
  • Science and Education (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Science in Society (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Science, Management and Innovation (Specialisation of multiple Master’s)
  • Social and Cultural Science - Research
  • Social and Political Philosophy - Research (Philosophy)
  • Sociologie
  • Software Science (Computing Science)
  • Spaanstalige letterkunde (Letterkunde)
  • Spanish Linguistics (Linguistics)
  • Spatial Planning (Planologie)
  • Speciale leerbehoeften (Pedagogische wetenschappen)
  • Staats- en bestuursrecht (Nederlands recht)
  • Strafrecht (Nederlands recht)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (Business Administration)
  • Strategic Management (Business Administration)
  • Systematic Theology (Theology)
  • Taal- en spraakpathologie (Taalwetenschappen)
  • Taalwetenschappen
  • Tandheelkunde
  • Theology
  • Transnational America: Politics, Culture and Society (North American Studies)
  • Urban and Cultural Geography (Human Geography)
  • Urban and Regional Mobility (Spatial Planning)
  • Vision and Strategy Building for Cities and Regions (Spatial Planning)
  • Water and Environment (Biology)
  • Web and Language Interaction (Artificial Intelligence)


Presentation video

Whether the reason for your stay in Nijmegen is to study, to work or to perform research at the university, there is a lot more to the city of Nijmegen than just the university. In your free time there are plenty of different things you can do to enjoy yourself. Whether you prefer shopping, going to a museum or to a movie, it is all possible in this city. Here you will find a listing of shopping areas, museums and movie theatres, as well as information on the Tourist Information Office.

Apart from information on culture, we also provide you with some background information on the history of Nijmegen and some interesting links. We hope you will enjoy spending time in the city of Nijmegen.


Radboud University


Radboud University is located in the oldest city in the Netherlands - Nijmegen. The city dates from Roman times when its name was Noviomagus or New Market. Today, it has some 165,000 inhabitants and is a safe and friendly place with a rich social and cultural life.

Situated close to the German border, Nijmegen lies on the banks of the River Waal, a branch of the Rhine. A recent survey found that local people regard students as enriching their city and find them friendly and lively. The students themselves appreciate the green surroundings and the many opportunities that the city offers for relaxation and entertainment.


Studying in Holland

Study in HollandThere are many reasons for choosing to study in the Netherlands:

Dutch higher education has a strong reputation worldwide thanks to a national system of strict regulation and quality assurance
Dutch scientific research is rated disproportionately high internationally

An international environment in which to study

  • The Dutch speak good English, so it's easy to communicate
  • The Netherlands is a multicultural society and a gateway to Europe
  • Nijmegen is a clean, comfortable, safe place to live


Education in the Netherlands is not free, but tuition fees are very reasonable. The annual fee for a degree programme at a Dutch higher education institution starts at approximately €1,500 for students from the European Economic Area (EEA). The costs of programmes or courses for students coming from outside the EEA are generally higher (approx. €8,000). Additional expenses, naturally, include housing and other everyday costs.

If you interested in Bachelor's programmes,  please click here.


If you interested in Master's programmes,  please click here.


Radboud University
Comeniuslaan 4
6525 HP Nijmegen
The Netherlands
+31 24 361 61 61

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