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Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn


Type of school: Private Universities


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Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) is a privately-owned institution of professional higher education. Keywords uniting our various curricula are entrepreneurship and creativity. We aim to provide our students with the skills, network and mindset for professional success and self-growth.

EUAS was established in 1992. We are the largest private university in Estonia. EUAS is a subsidiary of Mainor Group and the creative powerhouse behind Ülemiste City. We teach in three languages and are the alma mater for students from around the world.

In English we offer three undergraduate professional higher education curricula:

Our alumni are entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and specialists pursuing their aspirations all around the world.

In English we offer three undergraduate professional higher education curricula:


Creativity and Business Innovation

  • Product development, business model design, leadership and self-growth
  • Three-year program in Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal
  • Joint degree - three diplomas

Creativity and Business Innovation is a curriculum for aspiring entrepreneurs, product and service managers and corporate leaders. Built on a foundation of best business practices, the curriculum will train you to discover and develop novel business models, inspire co-founders and employees and manage a growing organisation. Nearly a quarter of the curriculum comprises of real-life problem-solving as a part of corporate internships in different European markets.

The three-year program will be carried out jointly by

  • EUAS in Tallinn, Estonia;
  • Vilnius University of Applied Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • Polytechnic Institute of Porto in Lisbon, Portugal.

Students enrolling in EUAS will spend two years in Tallinn and one semester each in Vilnius and Lisbon. The tuition fee is 2000 EUR per semester or 4000 EUR per academic year.

To apply, the following documents have to be presented: certificate of secondary education; secondary education grade sheet; resumé; motivation letter; copy of passport; IELTS certificate (if available).

Graduates will be awarded a joint first level professional higher education degree certified by three higher education diplomas: Professional Bachelor in Business (Vilnius University of Applied Sciences), Licenciado (Polytechnic Institute of Porto) and Diploma of Higher Education in Applied Sciences (Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences).

Admission is open at the moment for Spring admission with studies beginning in February. The deadline for presenting the necessary documents is August 31st.

For more information please contact:
Aminul Islam
Head of Curriculum for Creativity and Business Innovation


Startup Entrepreneurship

  • Business degree and business acceleration 2-in-1
  • Three-year program
  • First product launch in Year One


For more information about the curriculum and the mentors, see the program's page.

Startup Entrepreneurship is an intense learning-by-doing curriculum where you'll learn business by building your own company. Throughout your journey from ideation and business model design to hiring and rapid growth management you'll be guided by mentors from top startups such as TransferWise, Taxify, Pipedrive, Goworkabit, Fortumo, Like A Local, Toggl and many others.

Immediately in year one you'll locate a real-life problem and design a scalable product to solve it. From here on learning will be coupled with developing the company you've just founded. Unlike the many accelerators and shorter programs out there, Startup Entrepreneurship offers an in-depth three-year program covering all phases of a startup's growth and a team dedicated to your personal development. You'll also meet and get to know lots of accomplished people from across Europe and the world - in fancy terms build a solid professional network already while you study.

By the end of the program you'll have a background of most probably several entrepreneurial ventures, setting you in a league of your own compared to your theoretically-taught peers from traditional business schools.

The tuition fee is EUR 2920 per academic year. To apply, the following documents have to be presented: certificate of secondary education; secondary education grade sheet; resumé; motivation letter; copy of passport; IELTS certificate (if available).

The applications for non-EU students are closed due to time it takes to arrange temporary resident permits.
Applications for EU and EEA students are open till 15th of August (on an ongoing basis).

For more information and application please contact:
Alise Lezdina
Head of Curriculum for Startup Entrepreneurship


International Finance

The new English-language program International Finance provides fast-track access to a career in finance. Every student is guaranteed a paid internship placement in a financial service center of an international company such as ABB, Konecranes, Fortum or other.

The three-year undergraduate program will train you to work in an English-language corporate environment as a high-level specialist of international finances, accounting and taxes. All participant companies are looking forward to employing a great number of such specialists in their Estonian and Nordic branches.

Five capable students will be awarded the ABB Scholarship covering first year's tuition fee in full. The scholarship is up for renewal at the end of the year. ABB also wishes to engage students part-time already during their studies. The recipients of the scholarship will be chosen based on academic merit and motivation before the studies begin.

Another five capable students will be awarded a scholarship covering 50% of first year's tuiton fee. The scholarship is up for renewal at the end of the year. The recipients will be chosen based on academic merit and motivation before the studies begin.

Graduates will receive an applied higher education diploma on the curriculum Rahvusvaheline finantsjuhtimine - International Finance.

30 students will be admitted in the academic year 2016/2017.

Final dates for applications are July 4th for applicants from non-EU countries and August 15th for applicants from the EU.

For more information please contact:
Raivo Sulg
Head of Curriculum for International Finance


Residence Permits for Studying

For coming to study to Estonia from outside the EU/EEA, you'll need to apply for the temporary residence permit for study in Estonia prior to your arrival in Estonia at your nearest Estonian Embassy.

Receiving the temporary residence permit will take up to two months, so please begin with the process as soon as possible! If you send any copies of the documents,, you have to confirm the copy with your name, signature and date.

Health insurance contract has to be valid in Estonia during the whole validity period of the residence permit and must meet these requirements.

Extension of the period of stay in Estonia - if you need to extend your residence permit, you have to apply at least two  months before the expiry of your residence permit.

After receiving your temporary residence permit for study you need to register your place of residence. You can find your city district here where to register.


  • You have to take with you:
  • identity document,
  • tenancy contract.

If you change your address in Estonia, please inform the Population Register. Before you leave Estonia you have to sign yourself out from the Population Register.


ERASMUS Students

Exchange students to EUAS
In the following you will find information about our application process and other arrangements which we hope will be useful to you. The following documents are needed from the students who wish to apply for an exchange:

Please note that changes are possible!

  • Transcript of records from your home institution in English
  • Copy of the ID-card or Passport
  • Photo
  • Letter of introduction
  • Resume
  • Insurance certificate

The documents can be scanned and sent to the coordinator, but also hard copies should be sent to us through the coordinator at your home institution.
The deadlines for applying are 1st of November for spring semester and 1st of May for autumn semester. Spring semester takes place from January until June and autumn semester from September until December.

When we have received your application form and other documents mentioned above, we will send the admission documents for you to the coordinator at your home institution. Information about course schedules will be e-mailed directly to the student.


EUAS does not have a dormitory. Incoming Students have to look for a room or an apartment by they own. Apartments are usually found through Internet, newspaper advertisements or rental agencies operating in Tallinn. Prices depend on the apartment, its location and number of rooms. The EUAS International Office tries to help students to find their accommodation.

Living expenses

The cost of living in Estonia, comparing to the rest of the EU is very affordable. The average monthly expenses of living for international students, including accommodation, transport, food and some other, can be estimated around €500.

International Office

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, Tallinn 11415, Estonia

Among the many reasons for choosing Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences five stand out.

  • EUAS is a global university with students from Europe, Asia and Africa studying in Estonian, English and Russian. Our curricula are developed in sync with corporate partners across borders and our teaching staff hail from an international network of like-minded universities.
  • We are small and focused, keeping enrolment and other bureaucracy nearly non-existent and our attention where is belongs - offering our students the best possible entrepreneurship training. Yet although we're small, our 1600 students make us the market leader in Estonian private higher education.
  • We are a university of entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for (future) entrepreneurs. Be it through visiting lectures, regular informal meetups or internships, we offer our students intense contact with the business world throughout their studies. At EUAS, we try to make people learn a lot from others' mistakes as well as successes.
  • We are located in Tallinn, one of Europe's startup hot spots with ever-enhancing opportunities to find the right team, shape the right product, raise the funds and take off with your idea. Or if it's an intrapreneurial career for you, then look no further than our good neighbours and internship-partners from the various high-value industries at Ülemiste City.
  • It's easy to get here and pressure-free to stay. Estonia is well-connected to any part of the world and our landlords and shopkeeps don't charge anywhere near the outrageous prices they do in the UK or Scandinavia. It's all the world's opportunities with no hassle and all the more fun.

EUAS is a university for driven people who are after the next big thing. Challenge life before it challenges you. Welcome!


Apply now:

International Office


Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, Tallinn 11415, Estonia

Phone: +372 610 1900

Fax: +372 610 1901


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