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Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Country: Finland

City: Helsinki


Type of school: Public Universities


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The task of universities of applied sciences is to provide high quality higher education that prepares the students for challenging expert jobs in working life, and to support the students’ professional growth. The task of the UASs is also to carry out applied research and development work that supports higher education, working life and regional development.

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) offers high quality, innovative degree programmes of education and training in diaconia, nursing, sign language interpretation, community interpreting, social services and youth work. Diak offers postgraduate studies in diaconia, health promotion and social services.

Diak also carries out active research and development work, and all Diak campuses are actively engaged in the specific social and health issues of their own regions.

Diak is committed to social justice, solidarity and the empowerment of people. It aims to train people to influence social change, work for a multicultural society and fight social exclusion.

Degree Programmes In English

Bachelor's level programme

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences provides one Bachelor's level degree programme in English, the Degree Programme in Social Services. The next application period will take place on 10 - 25 January 2017 for studies commencing in autumn 2017. The admission criteria and information on how to apply will be updated here in due course.

Master's Level Programme

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences offers a joint Master's level degree programme, Master's Degree in Global Health Care, in cooperation with Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (Kenya). The latest application period took place in spring 2016. There are plans to start the programme again in the future, possibly in two years' time.


Double Degree Programme

Interdiac is offering a Bachelor's Degree Programme in Social Services with focus on Diaconia and Christian Social Practices. The study programme offers a double degree which is awarded by Charles University from Czech Republic and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences from Finland.


Degree programmes in Finnish


Presentation video

Exchange Students

Students from Diak's partner universities are welcome to apply to Diak as exchange students. If your university is not Diak's partner university, please contact Diak's international office.

Studies in English

For the exchange students, Diak offers studies in English in the study field of social services in Helsinki campus. In the other study fields, courses are available in Finnish language.
Studies in english autumn 2016.pdfStudies in english autumn 2016.pdf
Search courses taught in Finnish
Degree Programme for Social Services (taught in English) complete curriculum

Work Placement

Diak offers the exchange students opportunities for work placements in the fields of nursing and social work. Work placements can be arranged for example in hospitals, health care centers, children’s day care centers and in communal social services. Work placements can be located in any towns in which Diak is represented (Oulu, Pori, Pieksämäki, Järvenpää, Helsinki, Turku) depending on the trainee’s study field and available placements.

If you are interested in applying for a work placement in Finland as an exchange student at Diak, please contact Diak’s International Coordinator of your field, as well as the International Office of your home institution before submitting your application to Diak.

Please note that if you wish to carry out your work practice in a Finnish hospital or in other institute, you should find out what health and vaccination certificates are required by the practice placement organisation.
How to Apply


These instructions apply for both the study exchange and work placement organized by Diak.
1. Application deadlines for the exchange studies at Diak take place twice a year.
15 March for the autumn semester
15 August for the spring semester

2. If you wish to study as an exchange student at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, you should make sure that you will be nominated by your home institution. Therefore, as a first step, please contact the international office at your own educational institution.

3. After getting permission from your home institution, select the courses you want to apply for. Please note that the choice of the courses cannot always be guaranteed due to a high number of applicants, but every effort will be made to enroll the students into the courses they have chosen.
If you are applying for the work placement, negotiate the placement well in advance with your institution’s International Office and with Diak’s International Coordinator of your field.

4. Submit your e-application (link below) annexed with electronic copies of your passport photo, transcript of records (in English) and Learning Agreement and a one page description of yourself. E-application has a number of steps that you must complete before Diak process your application:
a) application form through Mobility Online
b) registration to Mobility Online
c) completion of personal data
d) upload of passport photo, transcript of records and learning agreement

5. Diak will only process your application once we have received a confirmation from your home university that you have been selected as an exchange student to Diak and after you have completed steps a-d in Mobility Online.

6. Within approximately one month after the application deadline, you will receive information from Diak concerning your acceptance, as well as information on how to apply for housing and on other practical matters.
e-Application for Exchange Studies


Practical Information

Please note that our chief means of communication is by e-mail using the e-mail address you provided in your application.

Academic calendar

Autumn term: starts on Monday, second week of August, contact teaching on Monday, fourth week of August. Semester ends mid-December.
Spring term: second week of the January - end of May.
There are two semesters (there is no summer semester)


Tutors are nominated for each exchange student prior to the arrival to Finland. Tutors assist the newcomers upon their arrival and with practical matters such as getting to know the campus and student life in Finland.

The exchange students are expected to cover the rental expenses by themselves.
The accommodation should be applied for only after you have received an acceptance letter from Diak.

Housing for exchange students in Helsinki can be arranged for example through a student housing provider HOAS. Instructions for applying can be found here. Please note that Diak can not guarantee any accommodation for late applicants, and that in general, finding suitable accommodation in the capital region can be challenging due to a high number of students.
Other relevant housing options are also available, please see:
How to find a flat in Helsinki region?

Other options:
Oikotie (in Finnish)

Diak's local International Coordinator will assist in finding an apartment in Pieksämäki.

Accommodation can be electronically booked on the website of The Student Village Foundation of Turku (Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö, TYS). You can't apply for accommodation before you have received a letter of acceptation from Diak. The application can be made as early as three months prior to your arrival, but please notice that it must be done at least 6 weeks before your arrival to Turku.
Accommodation can be electronically booked on the website of PSOAS.

Diak's local International Contact Teacher will assist in finding an apartment in Pori.

Expenses in Finland
Rents of student accommodation vary between the towns in Finland. In Helsinki region, be prepared to pay approximately € 300-600 for a shared student flat and €500-1000 for a studio depending on the location. In other towns in Finland the rents can be lower.
Student cafeterias at Diak campuses offer hot meals, snacks and drinks at moderate prices. A reduced price of a student lunch is approximately €3-4. You will get the student reduction at the cafeterias only by presenting a valid meal discount card which you will get upon your arrival to Diak from the study office. The card entitles you to reduced prices also in many other student cafeterias outside Diak campuses.

All exchange students arriving to Diak should have a valid travel insurance for the entire stay, including the travels to and from Finland. The insurance must cover expenses and transportation to the home country in case of an emergency.
In case of emergency, students from the EU/EEA countries are entitled to public health care services in Finland if they are covered by health insurance in their home country. A European Health Insurance Card or other official document is needed for all health services in Finland.

How to Apply

The results of the joint application (spring 2016) have been published at / Applicants can see their admission results by logging in to the service. All applicants have also been notified of the result via email.

Important information for new students

The next application period will take place on 10 - 25 January 2017 for studies commencing in autumn 2017. Admissions criteria and information on how to apply will be updated on this website in due course.

To find out more visit our website

Contact details:

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Admissions Office

Kyläsaarenkuja 2
FI-00580 Helsinki
Tel. +358 20 690 431
Fax +358 9 4780 0774

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