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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Country: The Netherlands

City: Utrecht


Type of school: Public Universities


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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is one of the largest further education colleges in the state. It has over 37,000 students with more than one hundred different nationalities. And yet, our students still experience our educational environment as small-scale and personal.


We offer four-year bachelor’s degree programmes, but also several Master’s degree programmes in an international setting. Excellent study environment. The HU is located on a large campus where most students attend their classes. The campus has a grand café, a bookstores, cultural and sport centers and some student housing.


One of the missions of the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is to contribute to a sustainable knowledge society with people as the starting point; a place where students and staff have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and feel at home.

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) offers programmes at different levels and of varying duration. Whether you are looking for a full Bachelor degree, a short summer course or a preparatory language course, HU has something to offer you!


Bachelor programmes and Master programmes

Some of our programmes are entirely taught in English and have a strong international focus. HU organizes Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programmes with a strong focus on professional practice.


Preparatory programmes

If you need to improve your English and study skills first in order  to qualify for our degree programmes, you can take part in one of the intensive international preparatory programmes at HU.


Exchange programmes

HU offers many chances for international students to study in Utrecht as an exchange student. Here you can find a listing of our exchange programmes.


Summer School

HU also participates in the largest summer school in Europe, with over 3,000 students from all over the world. The Utrecht Summer School offers over 170 academic programmes in many areas.

Why study at HU?

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht can offer you many things to contribute to your international study experience and help you with your preparation for your future job.


Modern campus

HU is located at a modern and large campus with facilities like cafes, sport centres and student housing. All buildings are of beautiful modern architecture and are well equipped with media libraries, computers and self-service restaurants.


Practice-based education

Your teachers are in direct contact with the professional world. They use their practical experience in their classes.  You will work in exciting real-life projects together with other students for international companies.


Work experience part of study

Nothing compares with the learning experience of an internship in the real world itself! During the two internship periods that are part of your study programme, you’ll get a real taste of the business world outside school. You can make your internships a challenging and diverse learning experience. Internship Coordinators are ready to guide you. At least one internship needs to be done abroad. Internship 1 is in the second year and lasts 10 weeks; internship 2 is in the fourth year and lasts 20 weeks. Often the second internship is an important step towards finding your first job after graduation!


International environment

You will be studying in mixed classes, with both Dutch and international students from all over the world. We have an international student population, with more than 100 different nationalities. HU also has an international teaching staff.  During your study you will have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester and go abroad for your work placement.


Individual supervision and coaching

Due to small classes you will experience sufficient individual supervision. Coaches help you with your study or personal problems, work placement preparation or study planning. In the first year you will also have a personal buddy coach who helps you find your way  around HU and in the city.


Stimulating talent

HU offers special programmes for motivated and talented students. In the HU Honours programme you will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge and study particular areas in greater depth. You can do this by completing the full Honours Programme, or by following an additional course or an additionally challenging internship.

If you study in one of the Business programmes, you can apply to take place in the Topclass. The Topclass programme is an addition to and intensification of the regular bachelor programme. You will work on your business skills with extra attention for consultancy, project management, internationalisation and research.

For students with a pre university high school diploma (A-level), IBMS offers a three year fast track programme. Whilst still offering two internships and the possibility to study abroad, this programme leads to a Bachelor degree within three years, instead of four years. An assessment is part of the admission procedure of this programme.

How to apply

International students are very welcome to apply for one of the programmes of HU. The application procedure & deadline depends on the programme you are applying for.


Bachelor and Master programmes

Read more about the application procedure if you are interested in one of our bachelor programmes. Here you can find more information about the application procedure for our master programme.


Exchange programmes

Providing your university has an exchange agreement with HU, you are welcome to apply for one of our exchange programmes.


Preparatory programmes

If you need to improve your English and study skills and want to apply for one of our intensive international preparatory programmes, read more about the application procedure.



Need help with your application? Please contact our International Office.

The International Office is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 16.30. If you would like to visit us please make an appointment in advance to ensure the right person is available to help you. Please note that the building in which International Office is located is not a faculty and therefore no classes take place in the building. If you would like to know where the faculties are located, please contact the International Office.


Visiting/Courier address
Oudenoord 340
3513 EX Utrecht
The Netherlands


Postal address
P.O. Box 13102
3507 LC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone number +31 (0)88 481 81 81

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