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University of Cyprus

Country: Cyprus

City: Nicosia


Type of school: Public Universities


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University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in European Higher Education, offering Competitive Programmes and to become a Centre of Excellence in the wider Euro - Mediterranean Region.

The main objectives of the University are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus.

In this context, the University believes that education must provide more than simply accumulation of knowledge. It must also encourage students' active participation in the process of learning and acquisition of those values necessary for responsible involvement in the community. The University sets high standards for all branches of scholarship.
Research is promoted and funded in all departments for its contribution to scholarship in general and for its local and international applications.


We are delighted that you are considering joining us for your studies. The University of Cyprus, although newly established, as it has accepted its first students in 1992, has managed to become the leading educational institution in Cyprus. At the same time, it is internationally acknowledged for its strive for excellence both in teaching and research.

The University of Cyprus is developed to support a multicultural student body. It has been actively participating in the EU ERASMUS Programme since 1998-99, as well as in other exchange programmes. The University has developed an international profile in teaching and research, with its priorities geared towards creativity and innovation.

The island of Cyprus is famous for its coastlines and blue, crystal clear water beaches and for its picturesque mountain range of Troodos; all of which are only around an hour's journey from Nicosia. The capital, Nicosia, located at the centre of the island, combines the old with the new. The old city is enclosed by the well preserved 16th century Venetian Walls while the modern part of Nicosia offers a vibrant city life. Studying in Cyprus can be a fascinating experience.

If you want to study with us check:



  • Department of English Studies
  • Department of French and European Studies
  • Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Language Centre



  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Molecular Medicine Research Center
  • Oceanography Centre


  • Department of Education
  • Department of Social and Political Sciences
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Psychology
  • Centre for Applied Neuroscience



  • Department of Business and Public Administration
  • Department of Accounting and Finance
  • Department of Economics
  • Centre for Banking and Financial Research
  • Economics Research Centre


  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy
  • KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks
  • Nireas International Water Research Center


  • Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

- School of Modern Greek

  • Department of History and Archaeology

- Archaeological Research Unit

  • Department of Classics and Philosophy



Presentation video

The University of Cyprus is located in Nicosia (Lefkosia), the island's capital city. Nicosia is the administrative, commercial, cultural, educational and religious centre of the country, and is also geographically at the centre of the island. A modern highway system connects Nicosia to all main towns and cities, many in under an hours' driving time.
Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunshine all year round. Long, dry summers and mild winters are separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Summer temperatures can be very high (> 40o at time), while winters are rather mild, with some rain throughout the island and snow on the Troodos Mountains. Lightweight cottons and linens during summer months, and warm clothing and rainwear during winter as recommended, as is facial sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.


Accommodation and Cost of Living

The University of Cyprus provides on-campus self-catering accommodation to a limited number of students. Information on rents, criteria and application procedures is available through the Housing Office of the Affairs and Student Welfare Service (all registered students may apply for accommodation at the Housing Office). The University can accommodate a limited number of students in single, self-catering study / bedrooms in the Student Halls located at the New Campus, and in private apartments located off-campus. (For more information and application forms, please contact the Housing Office - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)">

Alternatively, students may search for off-campus accommodation on their own. Around the University, as well as throughout the city of Nicosia, there are apartments available for rent.

Erasmus students attending the University of Cyprus are guaranteed accommodation either in single rooms in the campus dormitories or in furnished apartments near the main campus. Erasmus students should inform the Housing Office of their accommodation needs by June 30 for the Fall Semester and November 30 for the Spring Semester.

The University has a restaurant and a canteen that operate on commercial terms but with controlled prices. There is also a restaurant at the Latsia Annex, and there are many small private restaurants located near the University.

Living expenses in Nicosia can be high. Your own expenditure will depend on your lifestyle and the funds available to you. You should expect to spend more than usual in the first couple of weeks as you establish yourself, but your expenses should soon settle down, allowing you to manage your monthly budget carefully.


Social Support Office

The social Support Office provides services to students with special needs in terms of, social, academic, financial and other requirements.

Support to students with special needs

At the University of Cyprus students with special needs are treated the same as all other students. Every effort is made by the Social Support Office to offer practical solutions to their specific needs and problems. Such support my take the form of assistance on academic issues, arrangements for extra tutorials, ease of access to University facilities help with typing notes, writing on Braille system, providing every possible assistance during exams, etc.

Guidance on available financial aid to students
The social Support Office informs students about financial aid options. Students with serious financial problems may be subsidised by the students Welfare Fund, on condition that they meet certain criteria.
Students may apply for financial aid during the second half of September each year. The exact period for application, is announced on the students announcements boards and on the website of Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service.

Part - time employment for Students

The social Support Office, offers part-time employment to students who are interested in providing support to students with special needs.
All students who are interested may contact the secretary of the Social Support Office Mrs Andia Rousou at telephone number 22894051.
The rate of payment to students depends on the level of their studies (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate studies) and the kind of assistance that is provided.

Co–operation with Academic Staff responsible for students with special needs

Every department nominates its Academic personnel, who are close co-operation with the Social Support Office, in an attempt to give the greatest possible support to students in real need.

Admission of Students Based on Special Criteria

Every year a number of students are admitted by the University of Cyprus based on Special Criteria. Some of the special criteria that must be met are as follow:

  • The Candidate must have taken the National exams organised yearly for this purpose by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • The candidate must have obtained at least 90% of the mark archived by the last candidate, who has succeeded in obtaining a place at the particular program of studies.
  • The candidate must have taken all the relevant subject exams required for the particular program of studies

Some categories which come under the special needs criteria are:

  • Students with serious social and financial problems
  • Top athletes
  • Students age 30 and over
  • Students from certain religion groups, etc.

For more information please visit the website of Academic Affairs and Students Welfare Service.
Personal Meeting
Students who wish to discuss their special needs (social, financial, academic, health etc) may arrange for a personal meeting with Mrs Christina Matsouka - Andreou, head of Social Support Office at telephone number 22894052.

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University of Cyprus

University House "Anastasios G. Leventis"
1 Panepistimiou Avenue
2109 Aglantzia, Nicosia

P.O. Box 20537, 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.: (+357) 22894000

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