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University of Girona

Country: Spain

City: Girona


Type of school: Public Universities


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Welcome to the Universitat de Girona, a part of the Catalan public university system. Thank you for your interest in our institution. We hope this information will be useful to you.

If you would like to STUDY here, click on one of these levels: undergraduate (bachelor's), master's, doctoral programmes or postgraduate and specialisation courses.  These bachelor's and master's programmes are measured in ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits, each of which represents over 25 hours of student work. For more information about ECTS, European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS) guide published by the European Commission is recommended.


Please keep in mind that access to the University as a degree seeking student holding an undergraduate degree might require the completion of some legal  steps. If you’d like to know about the steps related to the Catalan university system, click here.

Of course, grants opportunities are an important part of that decision. The University of Girona offers some grants for international students studying at our institution. They can be found in this link. Remember, though, that some external institutions also offer these sort of opportunities: the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the Ministry of Education.


If you are a VISITING STUDENT, you must read the Rules for visiting students in studies of first and/or second cycle.

If you’d like to be an EXCHANGE STUDENT, go to the bottom of this page and choose the appropriate profile.


If your interest is RESEARCH, in this link you will find a short presentation about how it is organised at our University.

For practical and legal information we strongly recommend that you contact AGAUR. This is not a Universitat de Girona service. It is offered by the Catalan Government and provides plenty of useful information for researchers.

The Universitat de Girona is willing to welcome you as a member of our community. In the meantime, if you would like to know about some other aspects of our University, have a look at our web page.

Bachelor's degrees at the University of Girona

Dual degree programmes

  • Dual bachelor's degree Biology / Biotechnology
  • Dual bachelor's degree Biology / Environmental Sciences
  • Dual bachelor's degree Business Administration and Management / Law
  • Dual bachelor's degree Early Childhood Education / Primary School Education
  • Dual bachelor's degree Economics / Business Administration and Management
  • Dual bachelor's degree Economics / Philosophy
  • Dual bachelor's degree Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering / Electrical Engineering
  • Dual bachelor's degree Industrial Technologies Engineering / Business Administration and Management
  • Dual bachelor's degree Law / Criminology
  • Dual bachelor's degree Law / Political and Administration Sciences
  • Dual bachelor's degree Physical Activity and Sport Sciences / Physiotherapy  (newly implemented)
  • Dual bachelor's degree Tourism / Marketing  (newly implemented)

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations  (new curriculum)
  • Bachelor's degree in Agri-food Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies
  • Bachelor's degree in Architectural Technology and Building Construction  (new curriculum)
  • Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production
  • Bachelor's degree in Biology
  • Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Bachelor's degree in Catalan Language and Literature
  • Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Criminology
  • Bachelor's degree in Cultural Communication
  • Bachelor's degree in Design and Development of Video Games
  • Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor's degree in Economics
  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor's degree in Food Innovation and Security
  • Bachelor's degree in Geography, Town and Country Planning and Environmental Management
  • Bachelor's degree in History
  • Bachelor's degree in History of Art
  • Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Law
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing
  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Medicine
  • Bachelor's degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor's degree in Pedagogy
  • Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts
  • Bachelor's degree in Philosophy
  • Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy Barcelona (joint degree)
  • Bachelor's degree in Political and Administration Sciences
  • Bachelor's degree in Primary School Education
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology
  • Bachelor's degree in Social Education
  • Bachelor's degree in Social Work
  • Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language and Literature
  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism
  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism (EU Formatic Barcelona)
  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism (EU Mediterrani)
  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism (EUT CETA)
  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism (EUT Euroaula)



Master's degrees at the University of Girona


Education and Psychology

  • Màster Interuniversitari en Polítiques Socials i Acció Comunitària
  • Master’s in Work, Labour Relations and Human Resources
  • Master's in Inclusive Education - Addressing Diversity
  • Master's in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Foreign Language Teaching
  • Joint Master's degree in Music Pedagogy 0-12
  • Joint Master's in Cultural Management
  • Joint Master's in Educational Psychology (MIPE)
  • Joint Master's in General Health Psychology
  • Joint Master's in Psychosocial Intervention (MIPS)
  • Joint Master's in Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies
  • Joint Master's in Youth and Society (MIJS)

Environment and Chemistry

  • Master's in Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modelling
  • Master's in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management
  • Master's in Water Science and Technology (CTA)
  • Joint Master’s in Policies and Planning for Cities, Environment and Landscape (PPCEL)
  • Joint Master's in Chromatographic Techniques

Humanities, Heritage and Cultural Studies

  • Master’s in Communication and Cultural Studies  (*)
  • Master's in Heritage (Specialties in Cultural Heritage and Natural Heritage)
  • Master's in Research in Humanities
  • Master's in Teaching Spanish and Catalan as Second Languages
  • Joint Master’s in Analytical Philosophy
  • Joint Master’s in Challenges of Contemporary Philosophy
  • Joint Master's in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics
  • Joint Master's in Cognitive Science and Language
  • Joint Master's in European Medieval Identity

Law, Economics and Business

  • Master’s in Advocacy
  • Master's in Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Master's in Tort Law
  • Joint Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice System

Molecular Biology, Biomedicine and Health

  • Master's in Health Promotion
  • Master's in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine


  • Master's in Architecture
  • Master's in Business Innovation and Technology Management (BITM)
  • Master's in Computer Engineering
  • Master's in Food Biotechnology
  • Master's in Industrial Engineering
  • Master's in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS)
  • Master's in Smart Cities
  • Master's in Smart Healthcare
  • Master's in Sustainability and Construction Management in Tourism
  • Master's in Vision and Robotics (VIBOT)  (being considered for approval by Consejo de Universidades MEC)
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's in Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA)  (being considered for approval by Consejo de Universidades MEC)
  • Joint Master’s in Integrated Pest Management


  • Master’s in Cultural Tourism
  • Master’s in Tourism Management and Planning
  • Erasmus Mundus European Master’s in Tourism Management (EMTM)



Doctoral programmes 2016-2017

  • Doctoral Programme in Chemistry
  • Doctoral Programme in Education
  • Doctoral Programme in Humanities, Heritage and Cultural Studies
  • Doctoral Programme in Molecular Biology, Biomedicine and Health
  • Doctoral Programme in Psychology, Health and Quality of Life
  • Doctoral Programme in Technology
  • Doctoral Programme in the Environment
  • Doctoral Programme in Water Science and Technology
  • Joint Doctoral Programme in Arts and Education
  • Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology (DIPE)
  • Joint Doctoral Programme in Gender Studies: Cultures, Societies and Policies
  • Joint Doctoral Programme in Law, Economic and Business
  • Joint Doctoral Programme in Tourism



Presentation video

The UdG offers a wide range of studies at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate and specialisation levels.

  • If you are a MOBILITY PROGRAMME OR EXCHANGE STUDENT, your primary contact will be the ORE, but it is also essential that you consult the metro line of steps or procedures to follow. Keep in mind the difference between “mandatory stops”, or steps you must take, and “optional stops”, which you are recommended to read.
  • If you are an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT, that is, a student from a university other than one the Catalan or Spanish system, and you wish to study for degree at the UdG, in addition to the useful information found on these pages, it is recommended that you follow the link to the programme of study you wish to be admitted to or to the Student Information and Advice Centre (CIAE). Please bear in mind that admissions to the University based on officially approved studies from a foreign university are subject to certain legal requirements.
  • If you are coming to the UdG to complete a PLACEMENT in one of its faculties, schools or departments, send your CV to, clearly indicating the programme of study, the type of work, or in which department or unit you would like to complete the placement, and when you are available to do it. We will check the availability of placements and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you have a previous agreement with a unit of the UdG to complete a placement, you should have received an e-mail message officially inviting you to the University of Girona and asking you to complete an online questionnaire. If you have not received the e-mail message, it is recommended that you write to stating the circumstances of and the reasons for your stay (your home institution, the faculty or school you will be in, the host at the UdG, etc.).  This will provide us with the information we need to correct the situation.
  • Finally, if you want to come to the UdG as a VISITING STUDENT, you must first read the Regulations concerning visiting students in first and/or second cycle undergraduate studies.


Click here to find out more about enrolment.

Universitat de Girona - University of Girona

Plaça Sant Domènec, 3
Edifici Les Àligues
17004 Girona
Phone:+34 972 418 000
E-mail address:

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