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Unicorn College

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague


Type of school: Private Universities


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Unicorn College is Experience


As part of the Unicorn group, we’re able to make use of its extensive experience with developing and operating information systems. Thanks to this collaboration, we’re able to follow the latest trends and develop modern solutions within information and communication technologies. We also have access to systematically collected know-how from various fields of business, technology and process management, as well as to data on the capabilities and level of knowledge of tens of thousands of university students and graduates who’ve gone through Unicorn project recruitment waves. We use all this to prepare highly effective study programmes and train graduates who’ll have no problem finding a job on the labour market.


Unicorn College is Good Prospects

The labour market’s demand for candidates with knowledge of information and communication technologies has always been higher than the supply. There is simply a shortage of industry-specific specialists, which prevents employers from creating added value. This was one of the reasons we decided to address this issue by training and educating new, young people.


  • We have 250 students engaged in full-time and part-time studies
  • We collaborate with schools in 13 countries around the world
  • 85% of our graduates remain working in field
  • 100% of our graduates find a job - Unicorn College is a Chance


We founded Unicorn College, with its disciplines and plans of study, based on the needs of the market, linking it to the systematic educational programme for experts at Unicorn. Through accredited disciplines of study, our graduates now obtain a well-balanced set of skills that allow them to immediately play specialised roles universally demanded in their fields. Thanks to this background, within ten years of their successful graduation, they can achieve upper-management positions or start their own businesses in which their excellent knowledge of ICT will give them a key competitive edge.


Unicorn College is Security

There’s not a single graduate who leaves our school without a job offer! We work diligently and systematically to make Unicorn College a prestigious European university whose graduates will work successfully in significant industry-specific positions all over the world.

We Choose Quality over Quantity

Having thousands of students in a class year is not our goal. Rather, we apply an individual approach while providing education of high quality.


We Know the Needs of the Market

We train industry-specific specialists and managers with a comprehensive and well-balanced structure of knowledge that we know is and will be in demand on the labour market. Consequently, studies at Unicorn College provide graduates with a personal competitive edge.


We Build on Experience

We’ve designed a bachelor’s programme that meets both Czech and European standards for university studies and is based on more than twenty-years experience with Unicorn projects, business education and our employees’ work at leading Czech and foreign universities.


At present, we offer the following disciplines of study under the bachelor’s programme:


Quick Contact

Unicorn College s.r.o.
V Kapslovně 2767/2
130 00 Praha 3
Tel.: (+420) 271 097 111


Study Department

Mob: (+420) 602 571 979
Mo: 09:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00
We: 13:00-16:00
Fr: 09:00-12:00

Unicorn College is a prestigious European university that cooperates with numerous foreign universities, both as part of the Erasmus programme as well as outside of it. Thanks to this, we have many students from Europe and elsewhere studying at our university.


Are you interested in studying at Unicorn College as part of an exchange programme? Find out more in the Incoming Students section.
Are you interested in studying full-time at Unicorn College? Find out more in the International Applicants section.


Incoming Students


Prague is a popular place for students from all over the world to study. You can join us for one or two semesters, as well as for intensive summer programmes. Our International Relations Office welcomes applicants from both partner and non-partner universities.


If you’ve already been accepted as an exchange student at Unicorn College, you should have received a login and password from us. Log in on our website to select the courses you want to attend during your semester.


If you’re interested in studying at Unicorn College as part of an exchange programme (either as part of the Erasmus programme or outside of it), please contact Mr. Jerome Dumetz - for more details.

You can see the list of universities we cooperate in the Partner Universities section.


Practical Information


Fact sheet

What you need to know about Unicorn College before you enrol at our school or arrive in Prague.



We have a special agreement with a number of university dorms in Prague, guaranteeing you a stress-free stay. Getting a room works on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t wait to submit your application.

Find more information about the dorms here.


Public transport

Unicorn College can help you get a student public transport pass.
For more information, check The Prague Public Transport Company’s website at or ask the Study Department.



The following information is for all international students attending Unicorn College.

Long-term stay in the Czech Republic (more than 3 months) – for non-EU citizens:

If you’re a citizen of a Non-European Union country and will be studying in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months, you’ll need a long-term visa. Please contact the nearest Czech embassy or consulate in your country to get information on how to apply for a Czech visa.

Since the process may take a while, we recommend that you start the visa application process as soon as you get your official acceptance letter from Unicorn College. This letter provides proof that you’re registered in the programme and specifies the dates you will need to physically be in Prague.

The necessary documents may differ from country to country, however, your passport and the official acceptance letter are always required. If you’re a citizen of an EU country, you normally don’t need a visa to study in the Czech Republic for up to 6 months.
When in doubt, please contact the nearest Czech embassy or consulate in your country for information on whether you will need a visa. It is your responsibility to obtain a visa before your arrival in the Czech Republic.


Short-term stay in the Czech Republic (less than 3 months) – for Non-European Union citizens:
If you study at Unicorn College for less than 3 months (Summer programme), whether or not you will need a visa depends on your country of citizenship. Please contact the nearest Czech embassy or consulate in your country for information regarding your visa requirement well ahead of your arrival date in the Czech Republic.

Please consult the Welcome Guide for more information on the types of visas to apply for.


Erasmus & Exchange Students

Our International Relations Office welcomes students from partner as well as non-partner universities. If you’re interested in studying at Unicorn College in an exchange programme as part of the Erasmus or any other programme, please contact Mr. Jerome Dumetz.

If you’ve already been accepted as an exchange student at Unicorn College, you should have received a login and password from us. Just log in on our website to select the courses you want to attend during your semester.

Desperate to find all necessary information about Unicorn College in one place? Check our Facts Sheet!


Download the Unicorn College Facts Sheet




What is Erasmus About?

The Erasmus (or European Region Action Scheme for the mobility of University Students, to use its full name) programme was established in 1987 to increase student and staff mobility throughout Europe while promoting transnational cooperation between European institutions. Under the Erasmus programme, students have the opportunity to study at a partner institution as part of their degree programme and receive full credits for the period abroad as an integral part of their overall degree. Since the 2008-09 academic year, students also have the opportunity to work at a European enterprise under the Erasmus programme. Currently, over 180,000 students participate in the Erasmus programme every year.

Staff can also participate in the programme through short-term teaching and training placements.


How does it work?

Universities and colleges sign reciprocal agreements through which the partner institutions agree upon the movement of staff and students.


Unicorn College as Part of Erasmus Network

Today, 31 European countries participate in the Erasmus programme, with each institution having to apply for an Erasmus University Charter from the European Commission. The European Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture has granted Unicorn College an Erasmus Charter for the period from 2014-2017.


Cost of Living in Prague

Have you read the entire website? Are you 90% sure you want to study at Unicorn College and are looking for the last 10% that will be the icing on the cake?

Well, get ready for the best 10%.

Unicorn College is based in the most cultural city in Europe, with nearly 2 million people visiting Prague every year. Since classes take place in the districts of Holešovice or Žižkov, you will always go through the city centre when you go to your dormitories!
And the city centre is the place to be.



The dormitories will become your home for a while, so it’s important to fall in love with them. Some people may think of a small space with a lot of people when they hear “dormitory”. However, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough personal space. For example, at the Sázava dormitory run by the University of Chemistry and Technology, you can have your own room with your own sanitary facilities for only 5.5 €/day.



There is a huge number of grocery stores in Prague, including large supermarkets (Tesco), medium-sized stores (Billa, Albert) and small shops (Žabka). The largest stores are the cheapest ones and some of them are open 24/7. So if you run out of milk at 1 a.m., you can take a night tram to go to buy it.



Beer is liquid bread, so let’s taste this Czech national beverage for prices starting from 0.89 € for Gambrinus to 1.31 € for Stella Artois. There is a wide range of establishments in Prague from traditional pubs to intellectual nooks to places where the only thing you’ll remember is the entrance door.

Concerning admission to clubs, there is almost always an admission fee, though sometimes there are special offers that girls get in for free during the first hour (unfortunately there are usually no such offers for boys). Definitely make sure not to leave out the legendary after hours club “Studio 54” which closes around seven o’clock in the morning so you can have a hot dog at a kiosk after you leave for school.



Life in Prague is blissful, as some people in the know say. Experience is gained with time and you will certainly find your favourite places and establishments where you will gladly return. However, don’t forget that you need a valid transport ticket to get around in Prague, which costs 0.89 € for 30 minutes. Since you’ll be getting around Prague a lot, it’s cheaper just to buy a public transport pass. All public transport passes can be purchased at the points of sale in the metro stations and are valid from the date of purchase or from the date you choose.


The Czech Republic is one of the most advantageous countries to study and live in. So why not to benefit from that fact? Many people come to Prague to spend their vacation; you have the opportunity not only to stay here, but also to study, attend exceptional events and find new friends. Do not forget, Prague is a city of unsuspected possibilities.


Click here to find out more about enrolment.



Contact Us


Unicorn College
V Kapslovně 2767/2
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic


Phone.: (+420) 271 097 111
Fax: (+420) 221 400 114

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