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University of Law and Public Administration

Country: Poland

City: Rzeszow


Type of school: Private Universities


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University of Law and Public Administration is the oldest non-state higher school in Podkarpacie. It was established in 1995 by a decision of the Ministry of National Education and entered into the registry of higher schools at No. 75. At present 8 000 students of full-time and extramural studies are studying at ULPA. As the only higher school in Podkarpacie it teaches future masters of laws in public administration.


University of Law and Public Administration in Przemyśl is a chartered school, strictly co-operating with the State authorities, local governments and many social circles. It is considered to be a school that teaches diligently and well. The fields of studies at the University have been accredited by the State Accreditation Board. Such evaluation is the most trustworthy evidence of the reliable quality of education and scientific work of the School Faculties.



Postgraduate Studies

Education at ULPA Postgraduate Studies has a task to enhance qualifications of students by gaining and updating of knowledge necessary for their professional work. The studies last for a year. They are intended for persons with higher education. Graduates receive certificates of graduation from postgraduate studies. Candidates may choose one of 18 fields of postgraduate studies. The studies last for 2 terms (in the curriculum there are ca. 200 hours of classes). They are extramural studies. Classes are on Saturdays and Sundays or on Fridays in the afternoon and on Saturdays (optionally) – for groups in Rzeszów and Przemyśl. Enrolments are on registration of candidates.


Fields of postgraduate studies:

  • Postgraduate studies for brokers in real estate turnover
  • Postgraduate studies of internal audit
  • Postgraduate studies of safety and hygiene of work
  • Postgraduate studies of economic insurance
  • Postgraduate studies of quality assurance in public administration
  • Postgraduate studies of public administration
  • Postgraduate studies of customs administration in the EU
  • Postgraduate studies of internal security
  • Postgraduate studies of management in health care
  • Postgraduate studies of legal and economic grounds for operation of the power supply sector
  • Postgraduate studies of management of cultural achievements
  • Postgraduate studies of real estate management
  • Postgraduate studies of taxes and tax law
  • Postgraduate studies of law on public economic activities
  • Postgraduate managerial studies
  • Postgraduate studies of accountancy, finances and tax system
  • Postgraduate studies of human resources management
  • Postgraduate studies of entrepreneurship


Second Cycle Studies (For The Master's Degree)

The studies last for three terms. They are intended for graduates from the first cycle studies (for the bachelor’s degree – licencjackie) of, e.g. administrative, economic, or socio-humanistic profile.


  • human resources management
  • finances and accountancy
  • management of real estate
  • business administration
  • economic insurance
  • customs administration
  • internal security
  • European studies
  • public administration
  • local government
  • administration of justice and public prosecutor’s office
  • social work

Full-time studies and individual specializations will be started provided there is a sufficient number of candidates.

What Makes Us Distinguishable


Approvals by SAB.
All fields of studies at the University, as well as over a dozen specializations have been accredited by the State Accreditation Board.


Rights to grant the title of the master of laws in public administration and the master of laws.
As the only higher school in Podkarpacie, we are entitled to run studies for the master’s degree in the field of “Public Administration” and to grant the title of “the master of laws in public administration”. As one of few non-public higher schools in Poland we have a right to run studies for the master’s degree in the field of ”Law” and to confer the degree of ”Master of Laws”.


Practical skills.
In the study curriculum we have assumed that in addition to general and specialist knowledge, a student will gain definite practical skills. For this purpose we organize professional training and placements (also abroad).


The 12-year experience of SLPA. 
ULPA is the oldest non-public higher school in the Podkarpackie Province, established in 1995 by a decision of the Minister of National Education and entered in the register of higher schools at No. 75.


We are a chartered school that closely co-operates with the State authorities, local governments, and numerous social circles.


No additional fees.
The University signs with students individual contracts under civil law, also including rules of payments. The basic rule is non-collection of any additional payments, except entry fee and tuition fee. During the academic year ULPA does not increase the tuition fee, and in the consecutive years the tuition fee may increase only by the inflation level.


Own publishing house.
We publish regularly our own hand- and textbooks written by our teachers. We offer handbooks for almost each subject.


Transportation free of charge.
For a group of students (min. 30 persons) ULPA provides transportation to classes by coach free of charge.


No fee for the second specialization.
For one tuition fee a candidate for a student may choose more than one specialization.


Discounts on tuition fees.
Graduates from ULPA get discounts on tuition fees for post-graduate studies.


Number of students. 
In this academic year we have over 6,500 students at full-time and extramural studies.


Own didactic premises.
We provide perfect studying conditions in a modern didactic building located in the centre of Rzeszów.


A new building. 
In the academic year 2007/2008 in the SLPA campus in Rzeszów we will open a new didactic building of 2,800 sq. m that will house, e.g. lecture and seminar rooms, a gymnasium, and a doctor’s surgery. The parking lot will also be enlarged.


A Complex of School Apartments.
ULPA owns 46 apartments of the total area of 3 200 sq. m, located close to the School. The Complex of School Apartments provides cheap lodging for ca. 315 students of full-time studies.


The University gets state grants for: scholarships for good education results, social scholarships, scholarships for food, scholarships for lodging, special scholarships for handicapped persons, and financial aids. In 2007 ULPA got for financial assistance for students the amount of ca. 4.25 m zlotys. Ca. 40% of ULPA students are covered by the scholarship system.


All students have free-of-charge and unlimited access to Internet.


Virtual school.
Each student is able to obtain information on his/her grades, tuition fees, examination dates, etc. He/she may do it from any place where there is a computer connected to Internet.


Foreign languages.
The study curriculum includes 60 hours of foreign languages per a term (4 hours weekly), taught by professional teachers. Classes in foreign languages prepare for language certificate examinations.


European Computer Driving Licence. 
During their classes in the subject “Computer Science” students gain knowledge and skills necessary to sit for examinations for the European Computer Driving Licence, which proves ability to use the computer, recognized Europe-wide. Examinations take place in Przemyśl and Rzeszów.


At least three diplomas. 
Our graduate may obtain at least three diplomas: a final diploma from studies, language certificates and the European Computer Driving Licence. Additionally, SLPA students may learn free of charge at the Tax Advising College.


Prizes for the best.
ULPA awards prizes to authors of the best diploma works and the best graduates.


Foreign programmes. 
The University enables students to take part in the European programmes Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig.


Lectures in foreign languages.
Students have an opportunity to listen to lectures in foreign languages by Polish and foreign lecturers.


More details about recruitment process can be found on:

Seat of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration in Rzeszów:

ul. Cegielniana 14
(side street of al. Rejtana)
35-310 Rzeszów

Phone: + 48 17 867 04 00
Fax: + 48 17 867 04 99

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