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The National University of Public Service (NUPS)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest


Type of school: Public Universities


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The National University of Public Service offers a wide scale of training opportunities from full degree programmes through exchange studies to summer schools. There are also several scholarship opportunities to study at our institution.


But why you should choose NUPS?

  • NUPS offers a one of a kind atmosphere in which civilian students are working together with law enforcement and police officers that is a unique experience even in a global scale;
  • the teachers of NUPS are recognized experts and practitioners at the same time, therefore offering high-leveled education;
  • Most of the courses are for smaller groups for students enabling interactivity during the lectures and seminars;
  • the University offers outstanding infrastructure at the Ludovika campus with a high-quality dormitory and also offers great training facilities for officers. And these facilities are constantly being developed.
  • Budapest with its rich cultural and student life offers a great destination and also great base from where you can travel to a lot of great destinations;
  • the Erasmus Student Network operating at NUPS does an outstanding work for international students, they not only help them to integrate into the student life of the university but they also organise several programmes and help in everyday issues.
  • If you would like to have a better picture of the University, please visit our Flickr gallery or other social media sites.


“University of cooperation” - a model of cooperation among social needs, national strategical governmental objectives and higher educational autonomy


The National University of Public Service defines itself as the “University of cooperation” - an effective model of cooperation among social needs, national strategical governmental objectives, and higher educational autonomy.


The vision of NUPS is to become:

  • the best and most attractive university in Hungary;
  • a solid research and education base in the development of Hungarian public service and of public service career model;
  • a committed supporter of higher education programmes abroad in Hungarian;
  • an active member of international research and educational networks, in alliance with leading universities of Europe and the world.



The mission of NUPS, in the intersection of public service profession and academia, is to serve as an effective educational and academic base for state-building and public service development. Through its educational and further training programmes NUPS supports the development of highly trained and efficient personnel in the field of public administration, law enforcement, defence and other areas of public service. NUPS defines its mission at national, regional, European and global levels.


The national dimension of NUPS’ mission comprises the strengthening of the Hungarian State and the education and research based establishment of public service.


The “science of public governance and state” that is the research of the state based on a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, comparative, and applicable approach serve as the centrepiece of the academic mission of NUPS.


The fundamental values of public service – the ethos of public interest, the demand for integrity and efficient operation – overarch countries and cultures. The objective of NUPS is to improve the value-system of public service through research and education thus strengthening the confidence of the actors of society and economy towards the public sector.


At the regional level the focus of NUPS is twofold. On the one hand, the nation-policy mission of the University includes the establishment of cross-border relations and the provision of supporting Hungarian higher education institutions in neighbour countries. Accordingly, enhancing of the strategic cooperation with Hungarian institutes in Upper Hungary (Slovakia), Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Transylvania (Romania) and Voivodina (Serbia) is a priority for the University.


At a European level, top priorities include the enhancement of student and lecturer mobility, and the strengthening of inter-institutional relations through joint research. Europe is a community of values in higher education and university traditions, and is a common space of higher education. In accordance with the Europe 2020 strategy, international mobility of student, staff members and researchers shall be increased and facilitated, while accordingly the institutional relations have to be strengthened through joint training and research programmes.


Regarding the global level, NUPS has to determine its international strategy based on the solid foundations of its national and European cultural identity. It has to synchronize Euro-Atlantic orientation with the values of eastern and southern partnerships. The common issues of higher education include the autonomy of universities, ethics of science, the role of public service and state building in the establishment of peace and security. As a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU) the University has to play an active role in the international dialogue of universities.



The intention to build good governance and committed officials, thus enabling the state to respond to 21st century challenges with the means of science and education is at the heart of NUPS’ strategy.


In order to fulfil its mission, NUPS strives to:

  • provide public service oriented training for the youth, in combination with modern and comprehensive knowledge based on solid moral and values;
  • participate in the further training of civil servants and public administration executives;
  • be successful in public service development 2020;
  • provide outstanding education and continuing education;
  • conduct successful research;
  • provide international quality with state-of-the-art infrastructure and services;
  • maintain sound institutional functioning embedded in a culture of quality and excellence.


The strategic environment and challenges of NUPS can be interpreted in the space of domestic higher education and research, of domestic public service, of international higher education and research, and of international public service relations.

Programmes for internationals


The National University of Public Service (NUPS) offers several opportunities for international students, practicing professionals and executives including full degree and exchange programmes, summer schools or tailor-made trainings.


Full degree students

NUPS offers degree programmes at all levels for Hungarian speaking students. International students are also welcome to apply for master level and PhD programmes offered by the University.

The Faculty of International and European Studies welcomes students for the 3-semester-long International Public Service Relations MA degree programme taught in English, while the Faculty of Law Enforcement offers a joint master degree programme titled “Policing in Europe”.

Besides the doctoral schools of the university accept applications to conduct full degree studies in several research areas that are connected to public administration, military sciences, military engineering or law enforcement.

There are several scholarship opportunities offered by the Hungarian government, the most popular of which is the Stipendium Hungarium governmental scholarship programme.


Exchange students

As an EU member state NUPS is actively engaged in the Erasmus+ programme through which all the faculties and doctoral schools accept exchange students from all around the world. Several students conduct exchange studies according to bilateral agreements. Besides its European partners, NUPS has partners in Israel, Kazakhstan, China, South-Africa, Egypt and Russia with whom student and staff exchange programmes were successfully fulfilled recently while the scope of partner countries and partner institutions is continuously expanding.


Tailor-made programmes

The short-cycle training programmes are designed for practicing professionals and executives and are offered in several fields. These programmes are built to meet the specific requirements of customers, therefore the length or the composition and intensity can be customized along with the number of participants.


Master programmes

The National University of Public Service offers master level degree programmes in Hungarian language at each of its Faculties. While NUPS is constantly developing its programmes offered in English language, interested students already have different opportunities.


The Faculty of International and European Studies offers a 3-semester-long programme titled MA in International Public Service Relations (MIPUS). The programme is open to Hungarian as well as to international applicants.


The Faculty of Law enforcement participated in the establishment of a joint master programme under the coordination of CEPOL, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training



PhD programmes

NUPS offers unique opportunities to recent graduates, young researchers and practicing professionals to conduct doctoral programmes. NUPS is the sole institution in Hungary to offer PhD programmes in the fields of law enforcement, public administration or military sciences. Besides the special fields of education, the doctoral schools of the University also accept applicants with research topics connected to international relations, international and European administration, security and defence policy and other related areas.


The doctoral schools of NUPS are:


Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences

The Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences was established in 2013. Currently, it is the only doctoral school specializing in the field of public administration in Hungary. The aim of the Doctoral School’s program is to provide postgraduate-level education to professionals (researchers and practitioners) working in the field public administration.


Doctoral School of Military Sciences

The Doctoral School of Military Sciences focuses on the questions of military science regarding the activities of the defense sphere. This includes a wide spectrum of research fields from military history through security theories, defense administration to national security.
Although the doctoral program of the School is primarily based on certain accredited MSc programs of the National University of Public Service, the law on higher education enables the admission of graduates of other universities and with a scientific background related to military sciences.


Doctoral School of Military Engineering

The Doctoral School of Military Engineering focuses on fields of research that are specifically related to the military application of engineering. This includes the training and preparation for scientific research in various related fields ranging from basic and applied researches and development, through technology and technology-transfer to technological innovation.

Doctoral School of Police Sciences Law Enforcement and Sciences

Established in 2015 the Doctoral School of Law Enforcement is currently the single doctoral school in Hungary explicitly focusing on research issues of law enforcement. In addition to the other faculties, institutes and organisational bodies of NUPS, the Doctoral School intends to involve scholars from external partners (international partners, universities and research institutes) in order to enhance the research programmes in law enforcement. The Doctoral School offers several formats of education, hence PhD students have the choice of full time (scholarship or self-financed) studies, part-time (self-financed) studies and individual training (self-financed) or individual preparation.

Life at NUPS

NUPS offers a unique environment as its student body incorporates cadets, future police officers and civilian students to become professionals of national public administration or international administration. The most interesting part of being a student of the University is to experience its vibrant and diverse community.


The management of NUPS, along with the main student organisations, is continuously offering programmes to bring together the students of its faculties and institutions. The Fall Semester’s programmes include the opening ceremony of the academic year, the Freshman Ball, and the symbolical event of students’ inauguration. Furthermore, each November is regarded as the month of science which is celebrated with open lectures and seminars, presentations of young researchers throughout the country. In addition, NUPS regularly organises a ball where students, lecturers and the administrative staff can come together in a formal yet enjoyable environment. The Spring Semester also offers various colourful programmes, such as the Faculty Days, which include entertaining events and professional conferences as well. The academic year is closed with a ceremonial farewell of graduates who are awarded with the University Ring.


In order to further enhance the co-operation between the various branches of public service, NUPS has also been organising joint exercises for students of all faculties. These events focus on different issues (imaginary crisis situations) which need to be solved through the teamwork of programme participants. Recent examples for these events were exercise 'Wild Water' ('Vadvíz') and 'Bulwark' ('Végvár') held in April 2013 and April 2014 respectively. The latter, in 2014, focused on an unexpected (and of course simulated) armed attack against the country with the participation of more than 800 students. In 2016 'The Storm' ('Vihar') focused on an unexpted nature caused crisis situation. These exercises were realised with the participation of students from all of NUPS’ faculties and have demonstrated the importance and the prospects of co-operation between and among future officers of the Hungarian Defence Forces, law enforcement members and officials at all levels of Hungarian public administration.


Student organisations also offer opportunities for additional academic efforts and research. There are several special student communities operating as groups of socially sensitive intellectuals who are devoted to their (and their fellow students’) talent management. These communities are found on all faculties of NUPS and are open to students with a stronger thirst for knowledge. Another form of intellectual self-development is the participation in the so-called scientific students’ associations. In essence, these communities provide a forum for talented students to publish and present their scientific/academic works thereby aiding them in their first steps towards PhD studies.


Due to the work of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), international students are always invited to events and parties organised by the various students organisations while the International Relations Office frequently invites international students to all relevant conferences and scientific programmes in English. One of the University’s most popular series of events is the Ludovika Ambassador’s Forum where ambassadors accredited to Hungary share their thoughts about current issues of international affairs related to Hungary and to their respective country.


Representing students’ interests is also very important for NUPS. The Students’ Union helps our students in this respect and actively participates in the work of every important decision-making body of NUPS. A similar role is allocated to the Doctoral Students’ Union, as it represents all PhD students of the university. These organizations also offer a wide range of events for students.


The fortunate geographical location of Hungary allows us to present our students with a possibility for international outreach. The Students’ Union of NUPS organises three journeys throughout the academic year for students who like to visit capitals of other countries. These programmes are very popular with several buses rent for the trips to Prague, Vienna and Warsaw. Once arrived in these cities, participants can go on sightseeing tours visiting museums and main historical and cultural attractions and attend clubs and pubs at night.

More details about recruitment process can be found on:

NUPS Centre

Central Phone Number: +36 (1) 432-9000
Postal Address: 1441 Budapest, PO Box 60
Address: 2 Ludovika sqr, 1083 Budapest

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