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Collegium Da Vinci

Country: Poland

City: Poznań


Type of school: Private Universities


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Collegium Da Vinci is the academic successor of the School of Humanities and Journalism which up until the end of 2014 has promoted some 12,000 graduates. It is now undergoing a process of rebranding scheduled to be completed in 2015. We are changing for you!

Why the change?


„He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast” – Leonardo Da Vinci.


Collegium Da Vinci is the modern type of university which serves as a career-accelerator facilitating the road from being a student to being a man (or woman) of business.

We remain proud of our university’s achievements over the last two decades. We continue to stand out as the oldest private university in the Wielkopolska region. Our years of expertise in teaching people of all ages, tradi­tions, qualified staff, and modern facilities make our degree diplomas a valuable asset in the eyes of employers around Poland and beyond.

Leonardo Da Vinci was an acclaimed engineer, inventor, artist and a keen observer of the environment. He was renowned for his ability to combine theoretical sciences with engineering practice. All of us at Collegium Da Vinci also strive to transform ideas into real and tangible shapes.

The key message we put across to our future students and later graduates is: Become Masters of Practice and make a difference in your lives!

The Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland (CDV) is the oldest private university in Poznań. Throughout the first 20 years of existence on the Higher Education map of Poland it has attract­ed some 12, 000 students and it continues to enroll hundreds more each year. Now, as it has undergone a rebranding process to better fill the needs of our dynamically changing job market, Collegium Da Vinci has proudly established its position in the university sector with a unique range of study at B.A , MA. and Postgraduate Diploma level.

CDV program offer is closely interconnected with relevant institutions and companies in Poland and abroad, to cre­ate a practical curriculum, based on economic forecasts and the development of the job market in the world. That is why CDV places such an emphasis on practical classes led by valued professionals and potential future employers. CDV Flexible Study Paths give our students opportunities to combine their professional and family commitments.

Students finishing their Bachelor’s Degree at CDV, either full-time or extra-mural (part-time), receive a Bachelor of Arts or Engineering (IT). At present the following Majors are being offered:



Urban Management
Information Technology



Creative Management
Consulting and Coaching


Developmental Education
Internet Marketing
Information Technology

Study in the City of Poznań! Poznań means life and dynamics. Take advantage of its assets, because Poznań means:

  • one of the largest Poland's cities (population 550,000);
  • over 122,000 students;
  • over 230 majors at 27 universities;
  • over 100,000 job offering companies (one of the country's lowest unemployment rate);
  • the best city in terms of the learning atmosphere and public transport.


There are many university dormitories in Poznań, for various schools and colleges, which offer 9,500 beds altogether for those who seek accommodation. For a monthly accommodation one has to pay between PLN 250-720, depending on the dorm. If you decide to stay in a students' flat, you will have to pay at least PLN 350 per room, whereas if you wish to rent a one room flat, you will have to pay PLN at least 1,000 monthly of rent + utilities. There are also private dorms which charge you a bit higher rates, but often also higher quality.
5 minutes from CDV is located dormitory - Centrum Akademickie POLONEZ.


If you wish to eat something tasty and not spend a big amount of money, it is worth visiting one of a dozen or so local fast-food bars, or student canteens, spreadout across the city, where dinner costs around 10-15 PLN. The cost of a monthly board amounts to roughly PLN 400. Most major European supermarkets are located in the City (Tesco, Auchan), including small convenience stores, such as Żabka, Małpka, Krecik or mid-size grocery stores such as Biedronka, Lidl, Aldi and Piotr I Paweł. A total sum of 1,000 PLN should be enough for your monthly expenses.

How to apply to Collegium Da Vinci:

Step 1. Select your degree program

Choose from one of our Bachelor Degree programs in English or Polish


Step 2. Check the requirements for the selected Bachelor Degree program
A complete list of all documents to be supplied is available here: list of documents

Step 3. Submit your application

Your application needs to be filled out online here:

Step 4. Wait to receive a PreAcceptence Letter

If you meet all of CDV application requirements, you have submitted your online application AND you have paid a Registration Fee payment of 65 EUR* (non-refundable) to the CDV account, specified belowyou will receive a scanned PreAcceptance Letter from CDV which will allow you to make a Tuition Fee payment. At the same time you should send us a complete package of application documents for admission. A complete list of all documents to be supplied is available here:

CDV account details for registration fee payment:
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A./O.Poznań
ul. Piękna 20,
00-549 Warszawa  

Account numer: PL71175010190000000033671148


*documents submission till the 31th of July


Step 5. Get an Acceptance Letter
If you have submitted all documents, got the PreAcceptance letter and made a Tuition fee payment, you will receive an Acceptance letter for visa.

All international students are invited to use counseling services provided by International Admissions Office, in English and Russian, Monday through Friday, from 10 am till 4 pm. Please see the counsellors in room no. 034 (ground floor) or in room A411 (4th floor).

By phone/email appointment only

Aliaksandra Balashova

Iuliia Kravtsova

+48 61 27 11 103
+4861 27 11 052
+48 697 691 914

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