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Faculty of Health Sciences – Medical University of Warsaw

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw


Type of school: Public Universities


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Faculty of Health Sciences of Medical University of Warsaw:

  • Modern academic institution
  • Complex of 24 academic and didactic institutions
  • Extensive educational offer
  • Highest standards of education
  • Innovative researches
  • Offer of conferences and seminars on various topics (you can find latest news about events on:
  • Participating in innovative European projects
  • Many possibilities of students’ activities in one of 30 students organizations!


There are 24 institutions functioning as a part of Faculty of Health Sciences – didactic centres and clinics are active in such fields as research projects or didactics – everything that is valuable for development of medical sciences. The complex consists of:

Institutions of Faculty of Health Sciences :

  • Department of Biophysics and Human Physiology, Medical University of Warsaw
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Didactics
  • Department of Geriatrics, Medical Uniwersity of Warsaw
  • Department of Education and Research in Health
  • Department of Medical Biology, Medical University of Warsaw
  • Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at Medical University of Warsaw, Division of Teaching
  • Department of Neurology, Faculty of Health Science, Medical University of Warsaw
  • Medical Emergency Department
  • Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Department of Neonatology


  • Department of Basic Nursing
  • Department of Clinical Nursing
  • Department of Development of Nursing and Social and Medical
  • Department of Nephrologic Nursing, Medical University of Warsaw
  • Departmet of Surgical and Transplantation Nursing, and Extracorporeal Therapies


  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Cancer Prevention
  • Department of the Prevention of Environmental Hazards and Allergology
  • Department of Health Economics and Medical Law


  • Department of Human Nutrition
  • Department of  Immunology, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Clinical Dietetics

Our mission:

The mission of Faculty of Health Sciences  is to achieve the highest education level in medical fields, health science, academic researches and in providing specialistic medical services.
We function in traditional way, focusing on academic traditions. We pay special attention to respecting individual rights and knowledge. Every single student and worker of our faculty is involved in its functioning, no matter the race, gender or religion.

Faculty of Health Sciences  is a constantly developing unit of Medical University of Warsaw established in May, 2000. It offers highest standards of education.

Our offer provides choice of 2 degree studies – 1st and 2nd degree, as well as both full time and part time studies.

Our University offers following courses:

  • Nursing (1st degree full time studies, 2nd degree full time and part time studies)
  • Midwifery (1st degree full time studies, 2nd degree full time and part time studies
  • Medical Rescue (1st degree full time studies)
  • Dietetics (1st degree full time studies, 2nd degree full time and part time studies)
  • Public Health (1st degree full time studies, 2nd degree full time and part time studies)


From the academic year 2020/2021:
• SHORTER DURATION OF STUDIES - 2nd degree full time and part time studies in Dietetics and Public Health, as the only one in Poland, will only last 1.5 years (3 semesters)

• NEW PATHS OF EDUCATION - a response to the needs of the modern labor market
We opened new paths on Dietetics course of 2and degree full time students can choose from 3 different paths!

• Psychodietetics
• Health Educator
• Clinical Nutrition

On Dietetics course of 2nd degree part time students can choose General Path.

Od roku akademickiego 2020/2021 na stacjonarnych studiach I stopnia na kierunku Zdrowie Publiczne Wydziału Nauk o Zdrowiu WUM realizowane są następujące ścieżki do wyboru dla studentów po I roku studiów:

(przedmioty: Epidemiologia środowiskowa, Ekologia i środowiskowe ryzyko zdrowotne, Epidemiologia stanów i chorób związanych z zanieczyszczeniem środowiska, Toksykologia środowiskowa, Toksykologia zawodowa, Ekonomia środowiska, Ekonomia ekologiczna, Ocena oddziaływania na środowisko i zdrowie człowieka, Podstawy monitoringu środowiska, Prawo i zarządzanie ochroną środowiska, Międzynarodowe prawo ochrony środowiska)

(przedmioty: Wprowadzenie do cyfryzacji, Społeczeństwo cyfrowe, Technologie przetwarzania danych w medycynie, Promocja zdrowia w Internecie, Grywalizacja, Projektowanie i zarządzanie stronami internetowymi, Wdrożenia technologii cyfrowych w zdrowiu publicznym i medycynie, Prowadzenie badań w Internecie, Cyberprzestępczość, Ochrona danych osobowych pacjenta, Prawne aspekty telemedycyny / Prawne aspekty e-zdrowia, Koordynowana opieka zdrowotna)

We opened a new course, based on original curriculum on Public Health studies in academic year 2017/2018. It is corresponding with European standards and includes module focusing on competences that are most important for employers (Learning techniques, Perfect memory, Time management, Stress management, Motivation, Communication in interdisciplinary teams, Elements of entrepreneurship, Public speaking, Image building and networking, Leadership - selected topics).

What is more, on Public Health course of 2nd degree full time students can choose from 5 different paths!

• Management in health care
• Epidemiology with Health Promotion Elements
• Clinical Trials and Medical Technologies Evaluation
• Analyst in health care (NEW SPECIALIZATION!)
• Health education and social marketing (NEW SPECIALIZATION!)

On Public Health course of 2nd degree part time students can choose General Path.

Faculty of Health Sciences  faculty offers choice of post-graduate training courses for nurses (specialist and qualification courses). For more information go to The rest of education offer of our faculty is available on

Financial support:

  • Maintance grant
  • Increased maintanced grant
  • Maintance grant for disabled
  • Vice-chancellor grant for best students
  • Charity support


Enrolment details are available on

From the academic year 2018/2019, the Public Health Department of our Faculty of Health Sciences of Medical Univeristy of Warsaw invites graduates of the first-degree studies of medical majors and such majors as: administration, biotechnology, economics, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental protection, pedagogy, special pedagogy, social policy, law, sociology and management on second-cycle studies in the field of public health.

Dean’s Office of Health Science Faculty
Vice-chancellor's office, rooms 501A, 512-52 (5th floor)
st.Żwirki i Wigury 61
02-091 Warsaw
tel. / fax (0-22) 57 20 559

Dean’s Office of Health Science Faculty
Vice-chancellor's office, rooms 501A, 512-52 (5th floor)
st.Żwirki i Wigury 61
02-091 Warsaw
tel. / fax (0-22) 57 20 559



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