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B2 Ljubljana School of Business

Country: Slovenia

City: Ljubljana


Type of school: Private Universities


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As you know, good things are always triple. So, at the beginning we would like to point out our three strengths:

  • The first one is the quality of our teaching staff.
  • The second one is having the reputation of being the friendliest school. And
  • The third is location, location and location. By that we mean: the location of Slovenia, the location of Ljubljana being one of the most popular city in Europe now and the location of our school, merely five minutes’ walk from the city centre.

We provide two bachelors and two masters programmes. All our study programmes are highly practical and application-oriented which means that all the programmes are focused on the subject matters that are relevant to student’s future careers. And all our study programmes were created in cooperation with the reputable companies from the market because we firmly believe that employers know the best what knowledge and skills are highly demanded in today’s extremely competitive business environment. So therefore, learning outcomes of our study programmes have been designed on that basis. As a result, after completion at our school, our graduates meet market expectations and needs with their acquired knowledge and skills.

Collaboration with reputable companies and institutions provides an opportunity for close co-operation with experienced professionals who help our students face the reality of work. And also, most of our lecturers come from those companies. So, our students have a chance for learning from the best and have some hands-on experience and first information prior to entering the employment market.

Quality of education is our main concern. Since it has been proven many times, that quality and satisfaction are highly correlated, we measure satisfaction of our stakeholders regularly. At our school students are in the centre of everything. We don’t want just to meet our students’ expectations, we are striving all the time to exceed our students’ expectation. We measure students’ satisfaction after every course completion and at the end of each academic year. The average score of students’ satisfaction index at our school is 4,6. But anyway, we have good results but we are completely aware, that there is always room for the improvement.

Slovenia is positioned in the heart of Europe, more or less in geometrical centre, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

We have sea-side, a short one, but it's there, with beautiful seaside cities. There are beautiful mountains and green hills with amazing views; some are full of vineyards. Part of Slovenia are plains left from the so called "Panonia sea" and few amazing caves in south-west region that offer unique underground experience. Slovenia is also referred as green country because of lots of woods all across the majority of the country that offer really amazing scene in autumn when leafs change colour and offer almost rainbow coloured woods.

Precisely, you can see all of Slovenia, within 2-3-hour drive from our capital Ljubljana. You can go skiing on the mountains in the winter, swimming in the sea in the summer, hiking all over beautiful hills and mountains from spring till autumn. Although small Slovenia is covered with various monuments and other sightseeing options that will keep you busy during your free time.

Ideal Student Life

Being a student in Slovenia brings numerous other benefits to both Slovene and international students who enjoy discounts on public transport, entrance fees to events or different activities. If you love biking Ljubljana is ranked 13th on the list of best cities in the world for urban cycling.

The biggest benefit of being a student are the heavily subsidised meals available in a wide range of restaurants across Slovenia. A special coupon system for student subsidised meals ensures that you will always eat well for a reasonable price.

Slovenia is an English-speaking country

(all lectures for foreign students are in English and professors speak good English)

The majority of Slovenians are fluent in at least one foreign language, usually English or German.

Food in Slovenia

Student meals are subsidised by the government, which really lowers costs of living. Example: A pizza normally costs about five or more Euros, but with student benefits you get a pizza, drink, soup, salad and dessert for 2.5 EUR.

Accommodation in Slovenia

you get the option to live in students’ dormitories where monthly rent is from 80-150 EUR with all costs covered. You can also decide to live in private flats where rents are a bit higher but still not so bad, starting at about 150 EUR including utility costs.

Activities in Slovenia

Students in Slovenia get a lot of discounts for their activities. Sports are really popular and you can get really cheap sport courses, cheap visits to fitness, volleyball, football or other activities. Also, non-sport activities are discounted, like language courses, photography courses etc.

Small student groups in lectures individual work

Studies are adapted to foreign students. Professors always take additional time for you. As said before studies are in English and because there are smaller groups of foreign students, students get more individual time from professors and teaching assistants.

Cheap transportation

In Ljubljana for example, everything is in walking distance or you just get cheap bikes on flea market!

Transportation in Slovenia is quite cheap. There are some limitations to that, but with a bit of inside information from locals you can travel through Slovenia without spending too much money. In capital Ljubljana, there is really well organised public transport by city buses. The monthly fee for students is less than 20€, and there is also a bike rental service included in that price!

Party time in Slovenia

Night life during the year is great, with lots of student's parties organised every week, almost every day…

During summer, there are also many festivals all over Slovenia that offer different cultural and social opportunities, with a lot of great music for all tastes and activities for everyone.


We like foreigners and we have a lot of them.

Culture in Slovenia is of great importance and Slovenes are very proud of their cultural heritage. In fact, Slovenia is the only country in Europe which celebrates a national cultural holiday, on 8th February, in remembrance of the country’s beloved poet, France Prešeren (1800-1849).

Food is a vital part of a country’s culture. For such a small country Slovenia has an amazing 24 gastronomic regions, comprising over 170 distinguishable dishes. Each region has its own specialities and these are influenced by the neighbouring countries of Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, making for a very diverse range of tastes and flavours.

Travel Opportunities

Slovenia’s small size means that it’s perfectly possible to ski or hike in the mountains in the morning and sunbathe at the coast in the afternoon (or vice versa if you prefer!). Not only that, but you can also easily reach any of the four countries which have borders with Slovenia; Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. Therefore, there are endless possibilities for travelling both within, and outside of, Slovenia.

More details about recruitment process can be found on:

B2 Ljubljana School of Business

Tržaška cesta 42, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
phone: +386 1 2444 227

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