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The Jan Kochanowski University (JKU)

Country: Poland

City: Kielce


Type of school: Public Universities


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The Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce is the only university in the Holy Cross region, and one of the twenty universities in Poland.

It provides a workplace for 1,479 persons, including 879 academic teachers, 99 of whom have the title of professor or a postdoctoral degree, and 255 persons have a doctoral degree. The university has the right to confer doctoral degrees in 11 disciplines and a postdoctoral degree in 2 disciplines.
Higher education is provided for 14,316 students, 228 doctoral students. The educational offer includes 37 fields of study in first-cycle programmes and 23 fields of study in second-cycle programmes, doctoral programmes in 9 fields of study and the right to confer doctoral degrees in 11 fields of studies.

Since 2006, the University has been methodically expanding and updating its research and teaching facilities by making efficient use of European Union’s structural funds. For example, over PLN 300 million has been used to expand the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Centre for Arts Education within the structures of the Faculty of Education and Arts, the Foreign Language Centre at the Faculty of Humanities, the Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Management and Administration, and the Main Library.

All scientific research programmes conducted at the University become also an encouragement for companies and research centers leading to broad scientific cooperation.

  1. Administration
  2. National security
  3. Biology
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Dietetics
  7. Journalism and Social Communication
  8. E-administration
  9. Art education in the field of visual arts
  10. Artistic education in the field of musical art
  11. Economy
  12. Philology:
    •     English,
    •     Germanic,
    •     Russian
  13. Polish philology
  14. Finance and Accounting
  15. Physiotherapy
  16. Physics
  17. Technical Physics
  18. Geography
  19. History
  20. Informatics
  21. Medical direction
  22. Cosmetology
  23. Applied criminology
  24. Applied linguistics
  25. Logistics
  26. Mechatronics
  27. Historical militarism
  28. Environmental Protection
  29. Organization of historical tourism
  30. Education
  31. Nursing
  32. Political Science
  33. Obstetrics
  34. Social work
  35. Law
  36. Psychology
  37. Emergency medical Services
  38. Organic farming
  39. International relations
  40. Scandinavian studies
  41. Tourism and Recreation
  42. Physical education
  43. Design
  44. Management
  45. Information management and librarianship
  46. Public health
  47. Environmental health


Presentation video

The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce is the largest state university in the Świętokrzyskie region. It offers courses in 41 fields of study for more than 12.5 thousand people.

Check out more informations at:

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce

Head office: ul. Żeromskiego 5, 25-369 Kielce

telephone: 41 349 72 94





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