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College of Management and Banking in Poznan

Country: Poland

City: Poznan


Type of school: Private Universities


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Our mission is to build a culture of modern management and to support individual development of students in improving managerial competences and legal and administrative knowledge.

It all began in 1992, when the Higher School of Management and Banking was established in Poznań under the Higher Education Act. Thus, we are the oldest private university in Wielkopolska and the 9th of its kind in Poland. The originator and founder of the University was M.Sc. Eng. Jerzy Pietrzyk. Its idea was to create a university friendly to students and the whole scientific community, combining practical business and legal knowledge.

The College of Management and Banking in Poznan in a short time became a showcase of Wielkopolska. Already in 1997, we obtained the right to conduct studies at the master's level on two faculties: Management and Marketing and Administration, as well as at the Bachelor level in the field of Politology. In 2001, we received a diploma from the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland "For the courage to create higher non-state education".

The high quality of the educational offer is confirmed by the positive assessment of the State Accreditation Commission regarding the quality of education in the following fields: Management (December 2004, March 2010, April 2016), Political Science (February 2006), Administration (November 2008, June 2010, September 2015).

For 26 years, we have educated 39,000. graduates whose knowledge and skills are confirmed by the employer. Today, our university is a synonym of stability and a high level of teaching. WSZiB in Poznań since 2000 has its own modern didactic building with the Student Service Center, Dean's Offices and the Library at ul. Working 4.

In our university you can study in the fields of Management or Administration. These are studies of practical first and second degree (undergraduate and graduate), extramural or extramural studies at a distance. If you've already graduated, at least first cycle, you can choose a management postgraduate program.

Half of the classes are workshops and projects conducted by business practitioners in the field of Management and practitioners of the judiciary and administration in the field of Administration. Classes are held in small groups of about 20 people. This enables us to face real business situations, including current challenges in the work of our students.

Specialist and directional lectures are conducted by law and management experts with extensive scientific achievements.


  • the first private university in Wielkopolska
  • 27 years of existence
  • 39 thousand graduates
  • 10 min on foot from the railway and bus stations
  • 100 free, monitored parking spaces directly next to the University building
  • all classes in one building
  • guarantee of a fixed tuition fee
  • by spreading the payment into installments you always pay the same amount
  • postgraduate studies after bachelor's degree
  • friendly Student Center and Dean's Office
  • free Legal Office for students
  • Coach and Career Advisor in the Academic Career Office
  • We provide students who transfer from other universities with a friendly way of matching our study programs
  • Master's degree after each bachelor's degree without program differences

More details about recruitment process can be found on:

College of Management and Banking in Poznan

Recruitment Office
ul. Robocza 4, room No. 3
61-538 Poznań
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 9.00-18.00
T: 61 835 15 11
M: 601 305 212

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