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AGH University of Science and Technology

Country: Poland

City: Cracow


Type of school: Public Universities


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AGH University is one of the best, most prestigious and most modern Polish universities, achieving high positions is rankings of institutions of higher education. AGH University is a leading Polish university in the field of modern technologies, also being of high position on the international scale. Long and rich tradition is also a factor determining the University's popularity - AGH University has existed for 90 years and during this time it has educated groups of the most required engineers in Poland.


Our University has also other assets: a perfect location in the most beautiful Polish city of Krakow, its own university campus, providing an opportunity to accommodate over 9000 students near the University's lecture buildings and research premises, a modern teaching and research base housing a modern teaching and research equipment, lively and developing international and domestic collaboration with other universities, many facilities for people with disabilities , as well as unforgettable atmosphere for studying. The AGH Diploma provides with the opportunity to apply for the best jobs – our graduates have the best opinion among potential employers both in Poland and abroad.


At 15 faculties, and also at the Multidisciplinary School of Engineering in Biomedicine there are over 36,000 full-time and part-time students, and over half a thousand of doctoral students. Students can gain qualifications in 50 branches of studies and over 200 specializations, having a possibility to study with help of virtual e-learning platform as well as studying in foreign languages.


It’s worth to mention that AGH University of Science and Technology offers various specializations. Apart from standard courses, strictly related to the, the departments of IT, telecommunication, automatics, robotics, new materials, technical physics, applied mathematics as well as management and sociology are opened. Also other specializations were opened: geophysics, Gas and Oil Engineering, Acoustic Engineering, Ceramics, Cultural Studies or Wirtotechnology.


Within the framework of traditional courses, we create new specializations, such as Finance in Mathematics at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics.


We offer 600 laboratories and 330 lecture rooms, different sizes! This is very decent base to educate and conduct researches on the international level. The university provides with modern Science and Research apparatus.


Practice and internship for students.

AGH cooperates with many industrial companies permanently. The consequence of this cooperation are agreements about the cooperation with companies such as: IBM, CEMEX, LAFARGE, VALEO and many others.


The general aim of all of these is providing internships in companies for our students. The best interns are usually employed in those companies. We educate in a modern way so our students will get a job easily.


Next, students who would like to establish their own company, can take the advantage from the AGH Academic Incubator of enterpreneurship. It can help with decreasing the costs of renting and equipping the office, managing the accountancy and will give some advices.


Regional and International Exchange

The important element of education at AGH is an international exchange.


The possibility to have an internship abroad as well as studying at 2 universities simultaneously - regional and international.


Unforgettable atmosphere.

It's not only about studying - especially at AGH and in Krakow.


Apart from intellectual development, there is also cultural and sport one. Various organizations provide with an opportunity to continue with developing current hobbies and interests as well as discovering new ones. There are so many possibilities - starting from artistic bands (great example if the Students Representative Orchestra), through standard leisure forms (hiking, biking), ending with quite specific ones (clubs: highlanders, underwater, speleogical, sailing, radio).


All students are represented by the Students Government which conducts the activity in field of social, cultural, sport life by organizing various trips, balls, meetings related to celebration of the Miner's Day and the most popular students festival- Juvenalia.


The chance for developing interests.

Students have the opportunity to develop their interests related to the studies course by being a member of one of the Students organizations and associations (over 80 possibilities).


We care about physical condition.

The sport campus development is one of our priorities. We offer modern sport hall with the complex of pitches (basketball, badmintos, volleyball) and halls (aerobics, table tennis). Students can play on football pitches, tennis courts, volleyball pitches and swim in a modern swimming pool.


Student Club AZS is the biggest sport club both in academic and Polish community, having over 20 sport sections.


Disabled people friendly. AGH University of Science and Technology is opened for the disabled students needs. We try our best to provide with the possibility to take part in all aspects of the University life and treat them equally. Thanks to well equipped rooms, blind and those who have problems with eye sight - can use our library.


Double Diploma.

AGH University of Science and Technology is the member os prestigious association called T.I.M.E. - Top Industrial Managers for Europe. T.I.M.E. is the program for double cultural education ended with gaining douple diploma. T.I.M.E. association includes 51 European Universities of Technology from 19 countries (including AGH University of Science and Technology) and 2 Non european universities (Brazil and China).


T.I.M.E. as the only one in Europe, lets the members to learn deeply about the other country's culture and customs, meeting new people, tightening friendships, while loosing only 1 year of studies.


All of this ended with gaining 2 Diplomas, what gives more assets to apply for a dreamy job and better position on the job market. Those who would like to study at AGH University of Science and Technology and in Japan, can apply for the special education program, ended with double Diploma. The current agreement established between AGH and the University Hokkaido in Japan, gives a chance to go abroad for 1 year and graduate from both Universities.


The biggest Student Campus in Poland.


AGH Campus is the biggest one in Poland. 22 dormitories. located on the 16 ha area, equipped with over 9,000 places for students. The campus is located nearby the didactic buildings, including:

  • Student's clubs: „Studio”, „Filutek”, „Zaścianek”, „Karlik”, „Gwarek”,
  • Academic Radio
  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Kindergarten
  • Sport Hall
  • Pitches and tennis courts
  • Fitness Club
  • Grocery store
  • Billiards Club
  • Trade, gastronomical and service spots
  • Swimming pool


It's worth to mention that Medical and Diagnostic Centre SCANMED is located in the AGH campus. They provide with the services for students and academic employees in Krakow. In order to raise the level of students safety, we established monitoring system.


AGH University of Science and Technology has been cooperating closely with Police in Krakow for many years. The result of it is integrated safety system, covering the whole AGH campus.


The students city is connected with University with modern computer network as well as wifi network. Dormitories are equipped with local network, while every room has got the Internet connection and TV signal. The amenity for AG campus citizens is also access to the scripts, published electronically and online magazines.


The rooms standard is regularly increasing by modernisation and reconstructions. All for the lodgers comfort.


Studies in English


Caring about the competitiveness of our educational offer on the international educational market we develop teaching in English. In the recent years we have increased the number of courses and fields of study at which education is provided in English. Currently, education in English is offered at 17 fields of study (1st and 2nd cycle of studies).

Moreover, the university hosts the University Base of Courses in English. The base encompasses several dozen courses which are available to all AGH UST students each semester. The classes are held exclusively in English, and students can agree with the Deans of their faculties to include the courses in their plans of studies. The programme is also intended as an educational offer for all students coming to AGH UST within the framework of various international exchanges programmes.


Education offer

The AGH UST offers studies at three levels (cycles) of education, the so-called Bologna System:

  • 1st cycle (6-7 semesters) leads to awarding a bachelor’s degree,
  • 2nd cycle (3-4 semesters) leads to awarding a master’s degree,
  • 3rd cycle – doctoral studies – prepares students to teach and conduct independent research, and leads to awarding a doctor’s degree.


Bachelor’s degree programme (1st cycle)

The educational offer encompasses 58 branches of studies, including over 200 specializations run at 16 faculties.


Master’s degree programme (2nd cycle)

The educational offer encompasses 52 branches of studies, including over 200 specializations run at 16 faculties.


Doctoral studies (3rd cycle)

14 faculties of the AGH UST are entitled to confer the doctor’s degree.


Studies in English

Caring about the competitiveness of our educational offer on the international educational market we develop teaching in English.


Postgraduate studies

Satisfying the idea of continuous education, AGH UST runs courses at over 100 branches of studies at postgraduate courses, thus enabling specialists to improve their qualifications.

The use of e-learning at the AGH UST encompasses a number of complementary activities whose primary aim is to support the traditional methods of teaching and educating students.

AGH UST Open University

A feature of Open University is its interdisciplinary character. Lecturers from all kinds of schools of higher education, institutes, and other governmental departments.


Presentation video

Cracow is located on the Wisła River on the South part of Poland. It is the second biggest city(after Warsaw) and one of the oldests Polish towns with over 1000 history, attractive touristic and architectural values. Cracow is historical Malopolska’s capital and central metropolitan agglomeration’s centre.


Recently, Cracow is Malopolskie province government’s residence, Polish Skills Academy is also located here. Places such as National Old Theatre, National Museum or Jagiellonian Library or other important national institutions cause that Cracow’s unique atmosphere attracts tourists who come here to enjoy historical heritage of Poland.


Cracow is one of the main communication spots in South Poland as far as administrative, educational and tourism centre. Balice Airport which is located on the suburbs of Cracow, is the second largest international airport, significant in the transatlantic area.

Welcome dear friend!


If you decided to study AT AGH University of Stanislaw Staszic name, congratulations! You’ve chosen modern University and one of the most beautiful cities all over the world! This combination guarantees unforgettable experience.


Details about the recruitment process are available on our Website:

Contact details

Address: Al. Mickiewicza 30

30-059 Cracow

Country: Poland

Phone: +48126173684; +48126173261


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