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The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow

Country: Poland

City: Cracow


Type of school: Public Universities


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The history of Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow (UPJPII) starts at the same time as the Jagiellonian University - the oldest Polish University.


The Pope Bonifacy IX established the Faculty of Theology in 1397, within the framework of Studium Generale.


Since then, the faculty has been developing actively during centuries, gaining popularity both in Poland and abroad.


It’s functioning and acknowledgement in the scientist community has been interrupted by the communism.


By implementing the unilateral resolution of Ministry Commission in 1954, the faculty of theology has been removed from the education program. Nevertheless, faculty didn’t stop with its educational activities.


Currently, UPJPII is dynamically developing University. Our didactic offer is an interesting offer for young people. Within the framework of 5 departments, we have been still opening new courses and specializations, accustomed to the current needs. We build new contacts abroad; our students get a chance to develop their passion and hobbies: plenty of scientific groups, well equipped library, radio Bonus with professional studio, Psalmodia choir which is very successful…there are even more possibilities.


The tradition that we are rooted in, obliges us to take care of the high education quality and taking new scientific challenges, according to the Jean Paul II’s directions. He has been always highlighting how positive role the church has got in field of culture and education.


We hope that Pontifical University of John Paul II will be having an impact on maintaining the European identity by the relation between science and faith reinforcement as well as reminding about the Christian roots of European culture.


The school is a member of an International Catholic Universities Federation (FIUC) and its European selection (FUCE), the Polish Universities Conference (KRUP, regimen-KRUP) and the Academic Rectors of Polish schools Conference (KRASP).

Church Music

studies I and II, mode: full-time


 Journalism and Social Communication

studies I and II, mode: full-time and part-time


  •          journalism 2.0
  •          media in culture and education
  •          public Relations
  •          implementation Broadcasting
  •          logistics media


Family studies

studies I and II, mode: full-time


Social Work

Bachelor's degree mode: full-time and part-time


Canon law

Faculty of Canon Law
studies of the third degree:  Bachelor church


Historical tourism

Bachelor's degree mode: full-time


Religious tourism

Bachelor's degree, practical profile



studies I and II, mode: full-time



studies I and II, mode: full-time


History of Art

studies I and II, mode: full-time


Protection of cultural

Bachelor's degree mode: full-time



cycle program mode: full-time and part-time


  • catechetical theology - Pastoral




  • theology of the priesthood (for alumni WSD)
  • catechetical and pastoral theology (the study of secular and religious)
  • theology of social and charity (studies for lay people and religious


Archiving and document management

Bachelor's degree mode: full-time

Cracow is located on the Wisła River on the South part of Poland. It is the second biggest city(after Warsaw) and one of the oldests Polish towns with over 1000 history, attractive touristic and architectural values. Cracow is historical Malopolska’s capital and central metropolitan agglomeration’s centre.

Recently, Cracow is Malopolskie province government’s residence, Polish Skills Academy is also located here. Places such as National Old Theatre, National Museum or Jagiellonian Library or other important national institutions cause that Cracow’s unique atmosphere attracts tourists who come here to enjoy historical heritage of Poland.

Cracow is one of the main communication spots in South Poland as far as administrative, educational and tourism centre. Balice Airport which is located on the suburbs of Cracow, is the second largest international airport, significant in the transatlantic area.

Contact details

Address: Kanonicza 25

31-002 Cracow

Country:  Poland

Phone: +48124218416




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