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Military and Technical Academy of Jarosław Dąbrowski in Warsaw

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw


Type of school: Public Universities


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Military University of Technology named after Jarosław Dąbrowski in Warsaw -  is the most prestigious military-civil public university in Poland. It has existed since 1951 educating candidates for professional soldiers at uniform master's studies. Moreover, for civilians, it conducts full-time and part-time studies.

Ist degree (engineering / bachelor's) and IInd degree (master's) in more than 20 fields of study.

The training of candidates for professional soldiers for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces is carried out in 10 polytechnic fields of study and one in economic (economic logistics). It is being realized at the level of uniform master's studies, in accordance with the demand and the limit of places determined each year by the minister of national defense. Cadets are educated according to the model of military studies which includes polytechnic and military training of future officers. During their studies they receive accommodation, meals, uniforms and a monthly financial salary at the cost of the Ministry of National Defense.
The high quality of the education process is ensured by an excellently prepared research and teaching staff: nearly 1,000 academic teachers, including over 200 independent research workers. MUT has been classified among the best technical universities in Poland for years. It also leads in the rankings of the availability of academic teachers for students.

Graduates of the civil studies of the Military University of Technology have no problems with finding a job. They are highly rated by employers in Poland and abroad. They find employment in many sectors of the economy and industries: both in state-owned and private companies. For years, they have been at the forefront of the highest-paid graduates of Polish technical universities. Graduates of military studies at the Military University of Technology are provided with jobs in advance. They constitute a significant part of the personnel of the officer corps of the Polish Army.

MUT is the expert and research base of the Ministry of National Defense, as well as other ministries in the field of the so-called high technology, including military technique and security technology. It cooperates with many national universities, institutions and research and development centers as well as about 400 companies and business representatives. Cooperation ties connect the Academy with foreign universities and institutes from over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and America. The effect of this cooperation is the exchange of students in the Erasmus + program and research workers participating in the implementation of international programs as well as research works and projects. Military students selected in a competition study at West Point and Annapolis in the USA.

There is a Doctoral School, postgraduate studies and courses at the Military University of Technology. The premises of the Academy also have the seat of the Military General Secondary School of Information Technology.






















• LOGISTICS (general academic profile)

LOGISTICS (practical profile) *

ECONOMIC LOGISTICS (practical profile) **




• STATE DEFENSE (practical profile)

• OPTOELECTRONICS (only II degree)



• * also for the needs of the Ministry of National Defense as uniform master's studies

• ** only for the needs of the Ministry of National Defense as uniform master's studies



Unified master's degree programs  - military studies

First-cycle degree studies (engineering / bachelor) - civil studies

Second-cycle studies (master's) - civil studies


other forms of education, including:

doctoral school, postgraduate studies, military general education

IT high school

 Student council

The Student Government is very active at the University. It started its activity in 1996. The basic tasks of the local government include: inspiring and coordinating the entirety of student activity at the Military University of Technology and representing the interests of students in the forum of the Academy's authorities and Senate. The main effort of the SS MUT is aimed at ensuring that students spend their free time rationally. SS WAT organizes many events integrating the student community, including: hazing, Christmas Eve dinners, carnival parties, Juwenalia, Diploma Ball, Cadet Ball, etc.

Other student organizations operating at the Military University of Technology include: BEST WAT Students 'Association, SEP Students' Club, Sailing Club, Historical Circle, Winter Sports Club, Air Soft Guns Student Club "GT SZPON", Photographic Club, Chess Club, Student Bicycle Club Voyager, Bridge Wheel, Art Wheel.

Scientific clubs

Students from various scientific club can be proud of their activity. Student research clubs develop interests in specific fields of science and technology, teach them to implement research work and independent studies. Many scientific studies by students have been highly rated not only on the national but also international forum, they have won several hundred awards and distinctions. Students pursue their scientific interests in research clubs:

Electronics Science Club, Chemists 'Science Club, Cybernetic Interest Club, "Geopixel" Science Club, Physicists' Science Club, "Material Engineering" Science Club, "Strategy" Science Club, "Construction" Science Club, "Applied Logistics" Science Club, Scientific Circle "Fatigue in construction and computer-aided design", "Mechanics and Applied Computer Science" Scientific Circle, Tribology and Oil Products Logistics Scientific Circle, Machine Building, Automation and Robotics Scientific Circle, "Maintenance and Technology of Repair of Motor Vehicles" Scientific Circle, Aviation Students' Scientific Circle and Cosmonautics, Research Group of Students of Armament Technology, Scientific Association of "Cybergur", Scientific Association of "Vehicle Construction and Transport Safety", Scientific Association of Students of Mechatronic Systems, Scientific Association of National Security, Scientific Association of Power Engineers.

Student houses

Students may use accommodation in student dormitories located on the premises of the university (full-time students have to live in first).
Additional information is available at: in the (student affairs) tab.

Academic Sports Association of the Military University of Technology

Sections: badminton, sports orientation - running, cross-country skiing, orienteering, judo, track and field - sprint, track and field - jumping, track and field - throws, track and field - medium running, swimming, basketball, volleyball, handball , football, table tennis, powerlifting, tennis, mountain biking.

Academic Choir

The Academic Choir of the Military University of Technology actively participates in the cultural life of the university. The team consists mostly of students and graduates, winning numerous awards at national competitions and festivals.

International exchange - Erasmus +

The Erasmus program was established in 1987 as a student exchange program. Currently, it is aimed at both students and employees. Erasmus supports international cooperation of universities, enables students to go abroad for part of the studies and internships, promotes the mobility of university employees, creates numerous opportunities for universities to participate in projects together with foreign partners. Some of its actions may also involve other institutions, organizations or enterprises that cooperate with universities. The main idea of the program is to develop international cooperation between universities.

Erasmus + is a program of European inter-university cooperation developed for the purposes of higher education for 2014-2020. The Erasmus + program thus replaced the previous Longlife Learning Program Erasmus, which operated in 2007-2018. The main aim of the Erasmus + program is to raise the level and strengthen the European dimension of education in higher education institutions by supporting international cooperation between universities and promoting the exchange of students and academics in Europe. As part of the Erasmus + program, mobility grants are awarded to thousands of students and teachers of MUT in the Erasmus + program.

Local exchange - MOST / MOSTECH

MOSTECH is a program enabling the national exchange of students of Polish technical universities, including the Military University of Technology named after Jarosław Dąbrowski.

Objectives of the program:
• MOST / MOSTECH- National mobility programs for students and PhD students
• These are forms of study conducted for over ten years by universities for the quality of education
• In their general assumptions, the MOST and MOSTECH Programs refer to the European education system within the ERASMUS program
• MOST and MOSTECH enable studying at one of the almost 30 best academic centers in Poland




Registration for candidates for all types of studies takes place via the Internet Candidate Registration (ICR).
(Detailed information on the conditions and procedure of admission to military studies will be announced in the ordinance of the Ministry of National Defense)

During registration, you can indicate three fields of study for each type of study (military, civilian full-time, civilian extramural).
Candidates for military studies, after registering at the ICR within the specified deadline must submit an application specified by military regulations to the Rector of the Military University of Technology for appointment to the candidate service (application available for download at

Studies as a candidate for a professional soldier, the so-called "Military studies" are carried out as uniform master's studies for 5 years. The basis for qualifications are the ranking lists established for individual fields of study.
Candidates pre-qualified for military studies, additionally undergo medical examinations and psychological tests confirming their ability to perform professional military service. The Military Complementary Command is sent for research after receiving information pre-qualified for military studies from the Military University of Technology. The candidate's place on the list for military studies is determined by the number of ranking points calculated for the results of the written part of the Matura exam (max. 100 points) in selected subjects. Details will be provided in the order of the Minister of National Defense increased by the results of the physical fitness test and interview. For those who did not pass the English exam, a language test is organized at the university.

The maximum number of ranking points for the results at the matura exam (100/100) is given to:
• laureates and finalists of the central level of the Mathematics or Physics Olympiad and laureates of the national mathematics competition organized at the Military University of Technology - for all courses.
• laureates and finalists of the central level of other thematic olympics - for the field of study consistent with the subject of the Olympics, specified in the resolution of the Senate of the Military University of Technology, ( in the education tab).

These powers are based on a certificate or a diploma issued by the main committee of the Olympics.

Ranking points for the secondary school-leaving examination certificate are calculated according to the formula:
IRP =% M * WI * WM
IRP - Item ranking points, rounded to the nearest whole number,
% M - the value of the subject in the written part of the Matura exam (without the% sign),
WI - item weight, given in the table below,
WM - weight of the matura exam level: advanced level "1", basic level "0.5"

The sum of the ranking points from the items specified in the table below is the value that determines the position on the ranking list for a specific field.

Address: Generała Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2, Post Box 50

Phone: +48226837938, +48226837939

Fax: +48226837938



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