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Uni-Terra University

Country: Poland

City: Poznan


Type of school: Private Universities


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Uni-Terra University is located in Poznań on the Generała Ignacego Pradzynskiego 53 St.


It iIs school registered after the acceptation of the Ministry of Higher Education in the database of Private Universities and Colleges under nr 204.


We conduct both stationary and non – stationary bachelor studies at specializations: Pedagogy, Ethnology, Dietetics, Archeology.


We also provide excellent academic teachers, moreover - the idea of our school is quite simple – we want to integrate people and tight their relations in terms of culture.


We appreciate original people as well as being influenced by them - we can change our approaches then - become more open- minded and tolerant.


We start to develop ourselves as well as others. What is crucial in this process - is the aim which we want to accomplish. It can be well paid job, satisfaction coming from work or helping the others.


We have several offers to our future students, setting the challenges such as: to educate qualified workers, shaping competences of future teachers and employees, voluntary workers of NGO.


Why Uni-Terra?

It’s the only College in Wielkopolska Region which educates at: Archeology, Ethnology and Pedagogy courses.

Secondly, only well experienced teachers work with us in order to provide hig level of education. Wide range of specializations guarantee right choice, we are also focused on individual students interests and needs as well as considering education as on of the most important issues in our lives. All classes are conducted in Buildings Complex on Prądzyńskiego St. nearly Railway and Bus Station.



  • Clinical dietetics
  • Dietetics in biological regeneration
  • Dietetics in sports


Special Education


  • Oligofrenopedagogywith autism therapy
  • Oligophrenopedagogy with kindergarden education and pre school education
  • Oligophrenopedagogywith Polish Language
  • Logopedy witheducational kinesiology
  • Social Rehabilitation eith Sociotherapy
  • Pedagogy and therapy with early child support
  • Pedagogy of Death and Blind people


We conduct Postgraduate studies at following courses:

  • Neurologopedics
  • The family assisstant
  • Dietietics in psychology


Attention! Recruitment for the Bachelor Studies is conducted without registration fee till June, the 15th!

Poznań is one of the oldest and biggest Polish cities (fifth regarding the number of citizens, sixth as far as the area is concerned), at the Warta river. The capital city of the Wielkopolska region, of the Wielkopolskie voivodship and Poznań archdiocese.


Poznań is regarded the cradle of the country of Poland. It used to be a capital city of the country and the seat of the rulers.


It is a very dynamic economic, academic, scientific and cultural centre. A very large industrial area (Poznański Okręg Przemysłowy) and service centre, here the annual Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie [International Poznań Trade Fair] is held.


In Poznań there are eight public higher universities and more than a dozen of private ones, jointly educating about 133 000 students. There are 221 per each 1000 students. In this respect Poznań is located at the first place among the big Polish cities.


The city is called the “music capital city of Poland” due to the amount of boys’ and male choirs active in the city, Henryk Wieniawski violin and violin-making competitions, organised every five years, as well as due to the activity of the chamber orchestra directed by Agnieszka Duczmal, opera, and the Polish Dance Theatre.



In case of paying the whole tuition fee till September, the 19th – we will give you discount in amount of 150 PLN!


Recruitment rules


1st degree studies recruitment principles

We kindly inform that recruitment for ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012 will be conducted without preliminary exams!!!

As far as we have limited number of places available, the first come, the first served basis. We would like to kindly inform you that recruitment is conducted from 1.01.2011 till all places will be taken, but not longer that till 30.09.2011.

In order to be accepted for 1st year of studies, candidate has to submit documents listed below:

  • High School Diploma (original or duplicate)
  • Application form
  • Claim form to the rector
  • Valid medical certificate form the doctor which claims no obstacles with studying at chosen course (max. 180 days old)
  • ID photocopy and military book
  • Registration fee payment proof (200 PLN)
  • 4 photos
  • Candidate is also obliged to sign an agreement with our school

Contact details

Address: Pradzynskiego 53
61-527 Poznan
Country: Poland
Phone: +48618304171
Fax: +48618304174

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