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Study at the Gdansk College of Health

Data: 2020-07-13

Gdansk College of Health has over 20 years of experience, which educates specialists in the field of dietetics, cosmetology, and physiotherapy at the first and second cycle level and as well post-graduate studies.

Why the Gdansk College of Health?
What distinguishes us is innovative activities, focus on development as well as constantly striving to adapt the teaching offer to the expectations of the modern labor market. Gdansk College of Health is increasingly identified as a training center for qualified specialists in the field of health sciences. The key aspect of implementing the study program is the practice to which we attach special importance as an essential element in the future work of a dietitian, cosmetologist, and physiotherapist. Thanks to this approach, we can be sure that graduates leaving the walls of our Gdansk College of Health will be able to continue their professional careers and help others with dignity.
High quality of education, extensive experience, teaching staff consisting of an outstanding team of doctors, specialists, experts, consultants in the field of health sciences, as well as own, professionally equipped laboratories decides that the Gdansk College of Health is a very important center for the training of physiotherapists, nutritionists and cosmetologists. We care for the excellent organization of the learning process, enabling access to the best source of practical knowledge.
In implementing the "Practically for Health" Project - developing professional competences as part of integrated education programs (POWR.03.05.00-00-ZR07 / 18-00), the university established the Academic Health Center, in which our students use the acquired knowledge effectively through additional training and workshops.

We enable students to undergo professional internships in renowned medical facilities, prestigious dietetic, cosmetology, and physiotherapeutic offices. Modern and extensive facilities for practical learning of modules and a wide base of facilities, not only throughout the country but also outside Poland, allow students to implement the program at the highest level. Gdansk College of Health is, among other members of the SPA Industry Association and the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education. We are convinced that our cooperation will contribute to the systematic improvement of the quality of education and the introduction of many innovative solutions in the field of cosmetology and physiotherapy, and will also help to establish long-term relationships with outstanding specialists, experts, and higher education centers around the world.

New studies in the education offer

A novelty in the education offer of the Gdansk College of Health is the opportunity to study in English. Learning in this language takes place in the fields of dietetics, cosmetology, and physiotherapy. Our offer is addressed to both Polish citizens and foreigners. Studies will allow you to perfectly master industry-specific terminology. Students will learn to cooperate in an international environment and will establish contacts with students from other countries. A diploma in English is a chance to get a prestigious job position in Poland and abroad. The educational offer of the Gdansk College of Health has also been enriched with second-cycle studies in the field of nutritionists. The university's offer also includes eight post-graduate programs: dietetics, bioesthetic cosmetology, MBA in health care, podology, medical law with elements of cosmetic and pharmaceutical law, cosmetology trichology, and two new fields: dietetics in sport and geriatric care. Second-degree studies in the field of nutritionists have been oriented towards the education of dietetic masters who will be included in a highly qualified team of specialists. Education in second-cycle studies will, above all, allow graduates of first-cycle studies in dietetics to continue their education to develop practical skills, acquire advanced and targeted knowledge for their future professional work.

New post-graduate programs are a response to the current social situation. Nutrition in sport is an excellent choice for people who would like to deepen their knowledge, and above all practical skills, without spending a few years on training in a new profession. Launching the geriatric care direction is, in turn, the effect of changes in the age structure and aging of the population. In this direction, we teach the right approach and work with older people, so that their quality of life does not deteriorate, and age-related changes are not an obstacle to long professional and personal activity. Additional benefits Gdansk College of Health is also implementing a project won at the National Center for Research and Development, which aims to raise the professional competences of cosmetology students. By responding to the real needs of employers, it increases the employability of graduates. The project involves conducting workshop classes developing communication and language skills, as well as team project work. We enable apprenticeships in reputable medical facilities and prestigious offices. We have a wide base of facilities, not only throughout the country but also outside of Poland, which means that students can implement the program at the highest level. They also have the opportunity to develop their interests and hobbies in inactive student organizations. Talking about the voice of the environment and out of concern for the health of students and residents of Pomerania, the Gdansk College of Health organizes cyclical events on health prevention. Caring for the comfort of our students, we also allow you to relax in a specially arranged patio.

Our actions in the face of a pandemic

We strive to ensure that the quality of our services remains high in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus spread. We feel obligated and join the appeal: # stay home and take care of your and others' health. We thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other services for help, care, and everyday struggle in saving our lives during the pandemic. Admission to studies In the interests of this year's high school graduates, fully committed and determined, we will do everything to allow each of our candidates to start their studies without stress and fear from the new academic year. Everyone interested in studying at the Gdansk College of Health is encouraged to register online on the website available at the university's website - recruitment is ongoing. Admission to the Gdansk College of Health is primarily determined by the order of applications. The university does not carry out entrance exams for studies or certificate contest.

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