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Studies structure in the Austria


In Austria the students graduate from high school with the so-called Reifeprufung/Mature, which is at the same time a ticket to the higher education.


The Austrian pay for their studies about 350-370 per semester, but the Austrian government is interested in the level of education of the society and devotes 4 per cent of the budget for educational purposes.


Austria offers multiple educational institutions, for example higher vocational schools, which were established as an alternative of public and private universities offering academic education. Just as in Germany, there are colleges, higher church schools and schools aiming to educate teachers of different professions and higher artistic and music schools. In Austria you can study both in German and in English.


Higher vocational schools offer vocational education. The studies last minimum 3 years (6 semesters), but they usually last 4 years (8 semesters), including vocational practice.


Artistic universities and colleges. There are 12 state universities and 6 state colleges. There are about 210 thousand students at the Austrian universities and artistic schools (including 7 thousands in artistic colleges). There are entrance exams to most artistic (and sports) universities.


The Austrian universities offer over 180 different courses of study. Most of them allows for further specialisation on post-graduate and doctoral studies. In addition there are a couple hundred of vocational and artistic courses. The choice is very extensive. Moreover, the student can choose on their own the course of the studies graduate courses or a shorter program, which does not end with the academic degree, doctoral studies, courses devoted to gaining vocational qualifications and other types of courses.


The Austrian educational system possesses an outstanding characteristic the economy is closely connected to education. From this connection benefit not only the students of vocational schools, but also the graduates of higher vocational schools and universities, which educate specialists in a given area.


The teaching programs and the most important element of the educational system are adapted to the needs of the economy. The students acquire specialist knowledge or undergo specialist vocational practice in the companies.


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