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Studies structure in Cyprus


Education is perhaps the greatest achievement of Cyprus since independence in 1960. Given a small population, as well as, the lack of natural resources, there has been a collective determination to substitute human resources with intellectual achievements (Persianis, 1981).


The education service in Cyprus is highly centralised. The Ministry of Education controls the curriculum, the textbooks and the other resources required to deliver it. The appointment of teachers is highly centralised through the Education Service Commission appointed by the Government. Local school boards are funded by the Ministry and their role is restricted to matters of building maintenance and supplies. Schools are directly controlled by the Ministry through the Inspectorate and the school heads, the latter having less devolved responsibility than in many other school systems.


The higher education system of Cyprus comprises both public and private institutions. The State established three state universities. The University of Cyprus, which opened in September 1992, has six faculties (Humanities and Social Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Economics and Management, Letters, and Engineering). Studies are organized in semesters, and subjects taught are counted in credits. The Council of Ministers decided to proceed with the establishment of two state universities: the University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Open University of Cyprus and appointed two interim Governing Boards to do so.


The general aim of education in Cyprus, as stated in the official documents of the Ministry of Education and Culture (1996), is the development of free and democratic citizens with a fully developed personality, mentally and morally refined, healthy, active and creative, who will contribute generally with their work and their conscientious activity to the social, scientific, economic and cultural progress of our country and to the promotion of the co-operation, mutual understanding, respect and love among individuals and people for the prevalence of freedom, justice and peace (Ministry of Education and Culture, CDS, 1996).




University level studies:

  1. University level first stage: Bachelor: The first stage of university level education at the University of Cyprus lasts for 4 years and leads to the award of a Ptychio (240 ECTS).
  2. University level second stage: Master; Post-graduate Degree: After completion of the first stage, graduates may follow a one- or two-year post-graduate programme in specific institutions leading to a Postgraduate degree. The University of Cyprus confers a Master's Degree eighteen months after the Bachelor's Degree in most fields.
  3. University level third stage: Doctorate: The University of Cyprus confers a Doctorate (PhD) in some fields of study after studies lasting at least three years beyond the Master's Degree.


Non-traditional studies:

Lifelong higher education.

Public and semi-public non-formal education are provided by the Apprenticeship Training Scheme and evening classes of technical education at the Ministries of Labour and Education respectively, and through courses in various fields organized by Adult Education Centres. Various programmes are also sponsored by the Human Resource Development Authority. Higher education training in industry.

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