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Studies structure in the Spain


The entrance exams to the University last three days, however it may last up to 4,5h per day.


The candidate must pass two parts of the exam.


The first one checks the knowledge within the obligatory subjects, shared for all profiles. The candidates have to write an essay and analyse source materials in their mother tongue and in a foreign language.


The second part checks the material from the two profile subjects chosen by the candidate and one additional. You can choose one out of the five available exam options:

  • scientific-technical (mathematics and physics)
  • medical (biology or chemistry)
  • humane (Latin or history of art)
  • social science, applied maths in social science or geography
  • artistic drawing, art, or history of art


The results of the exam constitute 40% and the results from the certificate of high school graduation 60% of the total score, on which the admission to the university is based on.


Studying on Spanish universities is not free of charge and the fees vary. To the most prestigious Spanish universities belong: Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Moreover, one of the most prestigious places to study in Spain is Salamanca, where the oldest Spanish university is situated (Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, established in 1218 AD) The university studies cover 5 types of education:


The first cycle is of vocational nature, without the possibility to continue education in the second cycle. The first cycle studies last 3 years and require 180-270 points.


The students undertaking two-cycle studies, but without the intermediate academic degree, need to complete both cycles to receive academic diploma or vocational qualifications.


During the two-cycle studies, with the intermediate academic degree, after completion of the fist cycle, the students are awarded the title of diplomado (technical engineer). Then they continue education in the second cycle to receive the title of Bachelor (licenciado), engineer or architect. The two-cycle studies may last 4 or four years, and in the case of medical studies 6 years. They require 300-450 points.


The programs offering education in the second cycle only last 2 years, during which the student needs to complete 120-150 points. They are directed at the students who posess the academic title of the first cycle. The graduates receive the title of Bachelor, engineer or architect.


The universities offer the programs within the so-called third cycle, which last at least 2 years and are open to the students in possession of the title of Bachelor, engineer or architect. Those who wish to receive the PhD degree, needs to submit doctoral thesis, written upon supervision of a professor, and receive its approval. is the largest web portal in Poland that will help you choose the best higher-education school for you. Not like many others, we will also help you during the application process to your dream school.

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