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University of Applied Management

Country: Germany

City: Erding


Type of school: Public Universities


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Develop Your Individualized Competency Profile

Knowledge is not power—Expertise makes all the difference.
On-the-job competence makes individual attractive–to employers, colleagues, as well as to society.

Anyone who wants to rise above the norm must also be able to provide above-average results and value. For this purpose, an appropriate Competency Profile is essential. The University of Applied Management offers the ideal conditions to develop your personal, social, methodological, and technical skills into your holistic, individual competency profile.

The successful completion of our degree programs not only increases your appeal in the labor market, but above all, your chances of success. We look forward to both assisting you in laying the foundation for your success and supporting you as you work on your Competency Profile.


Bachelor's Degree

As the standard degree the bachelor's degree is the first professional degree for the majority of students and thus the first step in a career. A bachelor's degree acquired in the Federal Republic of Germany

At the end of a bachelor degree courses an obligatory final thesis (bachelor’s thesis) demonstrates the student’s ability to work independently and based on scientific methods on a subject related problem within a specified period of time. At our university , the scope of the work for the bachelor's thesis comprises 12 ECTS points.

Master's Degree

Master’s degree programmes focus on technical and scientific specialization and can be differentiated between the profile types "practice-oriented" and "research-oriented".

For the master's degree 300 ECTS credits are needed (including the previous study to the first professional degree).  A  consecutive master’s degree programme at the university campus Unna usually includes three semesters with 90 ECTS credits. Continuing education courses, however, comprise 120 ECTS points with 4 semesters.

Graduates with similar or related degrees can compensate a lack of Credit Points or a lack of competencies by completing a practical semester and / or by taking a preliminary module programme. The individual examination for admission to the respective master's programme is carried out by the university offering the degree programme.

At the end of a master degree courses an obligatory final thesis (master’s thesis) demonstrates the student’s ability to work independently and based on scientific methods on a subject related problem within a specified period of time.

The scope of work for the master’s thesis comprises 20 ECTS points.


A master's degree principally qualifies for doctoral studies. In addition, the University of Applied Management promotes qualified candidates in the implementation of interdisciplinary PhD projects.


With more than 100 university professors and more than 150 experts from professional practice, the department "Competitive Leadership" is our centre for training and knowledge transfer. We develop many of our extra occupational programmes and premium seminars in cooperation with companies. We make sure that our participants can use the acquired skills productively for themselves and for their businesses. Find interesting training opportunities in the areas of personnel management, controlling, media, advertising and sports.

The Faculties of the University of Applied Management

With the Faculties of Business Administration, Sports Management, Business Psychology and Key Qualifications, the University of Applied Management addresses trendsetting topics in growing sectors of the economy.

The professors distinguish themselves through their scientific expertise resulting from relevant practical experience. In addition, our academically and professionally qualified faculty provides students with the connection between science and practice. This is then implemented in the development of study programmes, as well as in the application-oriented research done within the faculties. The faculties of the University of Applied Management possess current knowledge of the work environment and theoretical basic research. In these ways, they provide students with versatile, interesting, and engaging studies that have future relevance and application.

A Contemporary Form of Studying

We understand "studying" as an active and constructive process that takes the students seriously, so that their skills can come to the fore. Our study concept represents a learning culture based on self-organization in learning and aims at systematic competence orientation.

New technologies in the field of learning open up innovative ways of acquiring knowledge. Our semi-virtual study concept combines classroom and online phases and offers you a varied and positive learning experience through various forms of teaching.

The partnership of motivated students and experienced teachers is the basis for acquiring meaningful key qualifications and work-related performance skills, next to expert knowledge.This enables you to make the crucial step from knowing to doing.

Therefore, our study design is especially suitable for students who want to learn autonomously, have fun working with modern technology and are looking for a challenging, competence-led training on a scientific level.

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Contact details


University of Applied Management
Am Bahnhof 2
85435 Erding

Tel: +49 (0) 8122 - 955 948 0
Fax: +49 (0) 8122 - 955 948 49

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